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First Look SK-1 and SK-2 Hammond Suzuki Stage Keyboards HammondCast

First Look SK-1 and SK-2 Hammond Suzuki Stage Keyboards HammondCast

Product description

Already for a long time of period the Hammond sound is indispensable in today's rock and pop music but also sounds such as acoustic pianos,  electric pianos and other vintage sounds are very popular and frequently used in all kinds of music.With the introduction of the new SK series Hammond  has succeeded to combine the famous Hammond B-3 sound and high quality vintage sounds such as acoustic pianos, electric pianos, strings and many other sounds and effects in single light weighted instruments!The result is a combination where organists and keyboard-players could only dream of. The beautiful designed Hammond SK models are affordable, extremely light and compact and feature al the quality sounds and effects needed for "live" or "studio" performances.   

Product specifications

Main Features SK-1 and  SK-2


From Hamamatsu Japan

"Music Publishers support Japan".
Der Deutsche Musikverleger-Verband wird die Spenden absprachegemäß an den japanischen Musikverleger-Verband Japan Association of Music Publishing in Tokio weiterleiten, der die Gelder direkt an Notleidende verteilen wird.
Die deutschen Musikverleger wollen damit einen kleinen Beitrag leisten und deutlich machen, wie eng sie sich Japan verbunden fühlen. Spenden können am Stand des DMV, Halle 4.1 FOY08, abgegeben werden, dort erhält jeder Spender auch den DMV-Butt

新着情報 REPORT/海外からのお客様/ハモンド/鈴木楽器 Jon Hammond and Koei Tanaka Concert for President Manji Suzuki and Company Hamamatsu Japan

■ 11月1日(月) 晴れ




Suzuki Concert Part 3 of 3:

JonHammondBand | November 02, 2010
Suzuki Headquarters and factory concert special for President Founder Manji Suzuki with introduction by Waichiro 'Tachi' Tachikawa, Jon Hammond at the new B3mk2 organ with Koei Tanaka chromatic harmonica Part 3 of 3 "Mercy Mercy" in Hamamatsu Japan.
Special Thanks Mr. H. Ono, Mr. M. Terada, Mr. S. Ohtaka, Mr. Y. Beniya, Tachi Tachikawa, President M. Suzuki and entire Suzuki Musical Instruments Team, camera: Jennifer © JH INTL

Suzuki Musical Instruments, B3mk2 Organ, Tachi Tachikawa, Hamamatsu, Headquarters, Jon Hammond, Local 802 Musicians Union, First Look SK-1 and SK-2 Hammond Suzuki Stage Keyboards HammondCast

Annual Musikmesse Warm Up Party in Jazzkeller Frankfurt hosted by Jon Hammond Band will be

celebrating 25 consecutive years performing in the International Musikmesse which is the biggest

event in the music lights and sound Industry.

Jon Hammond is very proud to announce the line up

and happy to return again to the world famous stage of Jazzkeller Frankfurt, the oldest jazz

club in all of Germany. Joe Berger guitar and Jon Hammond organ are both from USA, known

affectionately to their music friends as Ham-Berger (we're on a roll! Jon and Joe often say)

long-time associates and a fixture at many trade shows, as seen on the long-running NYC based

TV show "The Jon Hammond Show" now in 27th year.

Tony Lakatos the great Hungarian tenor sax star from Budapest, from the famous Lakatos Family of

Hungarian Gypsy music tradition going back generations. Tony is a lifetime member of the HR

Hessischer Rundfunk Radio Big Band and currently playing with Herbie Hancock. Tony is an artist

endorsee for P. Mauriat saxophones. Jon Hammond is extremely happy Tony will be rejoining the

band in Jazzkeller, along with another long-time musical associate, Giovanni Gulino drums from

Sicily Italy. Giovanni has been the house drummer for many years in Jazzkeller Frankfurt and

Jazz Kneipe, he also comes from a family of musicians, his brother Sandro is an outstanding

bass player. 20 years ago Jon was introduced to Tony and Giovanni by Regina Snilovic the owner

of the Jazz Kneipe, which is now closed, but formerly presented live music 7 nights a week.

Jon Hammond, Giovanni Gulino, Tony Lakatos 20 years ago in Jazz Kneipe Frankfurt

Tony, Giovanni and Jon were often the house band, by Jon played 207 gigs there with the boys,

often joined by other well known musicians in the after hours, including:

Attila Cornelius Zoller (June 13, 1927 – January 25, 1998) Jazz guitarist from Visegrád, Hungary

R.I.P., Stephen Ferrone drummer of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, AWB and Eric Clapton. The

music went on there often until 5AM in the morning, it was a meeting point for musicians

and new arrivals to the Frankfurt scene as well as old-timers.

Jazzkeller Frankfurt is a very special location and atmosphere with a very important history, a

favorite of musicians and jazz fans going back to Louis Armstrong, Art Blakey and The Jazz

Messengers, Chet Baker and many others.

Jon Hammond calls Jazzkeller his "Good Luck Room" and Frankfurt his "Good Luck City". This is

the place where Jon had his very first Frankfurt gigs, the 3rd of a series was a packed full

house after Jon Hammond appeared on the local TV program "Hessen Report" on RTL Plus Television.

Beatrix Rief moderator host of Hessen Report recommended Jon Hammond's show at the Jazzkeller

and ever since a tradition has been established, Jon Hammond comes back to play there very year

and will until the very end.

The historic appearance on Hessen Report:

First lucky break for Jon Hammond in Frankfurt Germany appearing on Hessen Report RTL TV with big plug from moderator Beatrix Rief for upcoming shows at Jazzkeller. It was shot on a cold morning in Dec. 1991 in Venety's on Sandweg in Frankfurt. Special thanks: Beatrix Rief, Tino Pavlis, Frank Poehl

From the time The Jon Hammond Band hits the stage of Jazzkeller Frankfurt for sound check

a good time will be had by all! And the very next morning we'll see you on the Musikmesse  bright and

early for day 1 of the 2011 Musikmesse kicking off on 6th April running through the 9th.

Be there...or be Square!

Musikmesse Frankfurt, Wolfgang Luecke, Jazzkeller, P. Mauriat, Suzuki, Jon Hammond, XB-2, XK-1, XK-3c, B3 organ, Excelsior Accordion, Jazz, Blues, Funky, Local 802 Musicians Union, ASCAP Network, AFN Radio, Hessicher Rundfunk, Uli Olshausen, Petra Roth, Dr. Gunter Stemmler, Alex Hsieh, NDR Radio Jazz Hamburg, Knut Benzner, Sound Cops AFN TV, CNN, Rick Sanchez, Guest Anchor Anderson Cooper, 25 years, First Look SK-1 and SK-2 Hammond Suzuki Stage Keyboards HammondCast

CNN Guest Anchor JON HAMMOND & ANDERSON COOPER on occasion of CNN's Twenty Fifth Anniversary

Jon Hammond HammondCast KYOU Radio

The New Generation - Jon Hammond - Hammond Suzuki Keyboard Products

Jon Lord, Jon Hammond, Jon Power, Hammond Suzuki, SK Series, KYOU Radio CBS Radio Network

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