Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fits In This Gig Bag 7 Kilos Sk1 Hammond

Jon Hammond: "Fits In This Gig Bag 7 Kilos = 15.5 lbs. Hammond Sk1" !


No X-Cess Baggage Sk1 Blues - Sk1 Theme Song - World's First Road Test of ultra-portable Hammond Sk1 with Jon Hammond Band in Germany at Jon's annual Musikmesse-Session in Jazzkeller Hofheim April 8, 2011 Special Thanks Suzuki Musical Instruments, Bernie Capicchiano, Malc Deakin Hammond Suzuki UK Europe, Michael Falkenstein Hammond Suzuki Germany, camera: Jennifer
Joe Berger guitar, Giovanni Gulino drums, Peter Klohmann tenor sax, Jon Hammond Sk1 Hammond Stage Keyboard
Sk1 Sk2 Hammond Suzuki Musikmesse Blues Organ Hofheim Hamamatsu Japan

No X-Cess Baggage Sk1 Blues from Jon Hammond on Vimeo.

Sk1, Sk2, Hammond, Suzuki, Musikmesse, Blues, Organ, Hofheim, Hamamatsu, Japan, keyboard, Leslie, Vintage, Electric Piano, Synthesizer, Split Bass, Local 802, Musicians Union, Gig Bag, ASCAP

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