Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jon Hammond Band 25 Years Frankfurt Musikmesse Warm Up Party

*WATCH THE VIDEO: Pocket Funk 2011 Jazzkeller Frankfurt Musikmesse Warm Up Party

Pocket Funk by Jon Hammond Band
Annual Musikmesse Warm Up Party 2011 in Jazzkeller Frankfurt
Tony Lakatos - tenor saxophone
Giovanni Gulino - drums
Joe Berger - guitar
Jon Hammond - organ

special thanks Hiromitsu Ono Chief Engineer Suzuki Musical Instruments designed my instrument which took me all around the world many times
"Late Rent" Jon Hammond theme song for Jon Hammond Show MNNTV and HammondCast Show KYOU Radio San Francisco CBS Radio Network
Thanks Joe Lamond President CEO NAMM, TecAmp Jürgen Kunze and Thomas Eich - Puma Combo bass amp powering Jon Hammond's organ
Dankeschoen to Yücel Atiker, Tino Pavlis, Poehl, Bernie Capicchiano, Michael Falkenstein Hammond Suzuki Deutschland, Peggy Behling, Christine Kern Messe Frankfurt,
Saray Pastanesi Baeckerei & Konditorei for Chocolate on Chocolate
25 Years Musikmesse Celebration Cake
Eugen Hahn Jazzkeller Frankfurt Team Kleine Bockenheimerstr. 18a Frankfurt



Jon HammondJon Hammond
Late Rent
(Ham-Berger-Friz Records) 

Jon Hammond says "the fingers are the singers.'" The latest CD from this exceptional and soulful Hammond organist is the proof. "Late Rent" draws on decades of great recording sessions and top live performances to showcase his own playing and many top jazz and funk artists. It shows why the Hammond organ is one of the most enduring electric instruments and why Hammond is one of its best players. 1. "The Late Rent Story" - Jon Hammond waited half his life to make this CD - starting with being an underground TV host.
 2. "Swingin' Funky Jazz & Blues" - Jon Hammond describes his style of music and how he learned to play it.
 3. "Two Hot Tracks" - Jon Hammond recalls one of his first songs - from age 15 - and a great Sunday session.
 4. "Sonny's Advice" - A little advice on melody from a great sax player went a long way.

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Jon HammondJon Hammond
The NDR Sessions Projekt
(Ham-Berger-Friz Records) 

Jon Hammond's "The NDR Sessions Projekt" brings the soulful jazz organist back to Hamburg to record a collection of standards and originals featuring Lutz Buchner on saxophones, Joe Gallardo on trombone and Heinz Lichius on drums. Recorded in one of Germany's best studios, the quartet present rich, heartfelt perfomances and infuse the music with a fresh and vibrant sound. 1. "NDR Sessions" - Jon Hammond says the NDR session was based on a sentimental idea.
 2. "Lutz Buchner" - Jon Hammond wanted to feature saxophonist Lutz Buchner on the CD.
 3. "Bass and Organ" - Jon Hammond says his style is playing bass and organ - on the Hammond.
 4. "Jazz Spirits" - Jon Hammond wanted to rekindle a certain jazz spirit - and take some risks.

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