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John Mayer Plays NAMM Press Preview 00-45SC Martin Guitar HammondCast Sk1

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: John Mayer Plays NAMM Press Preview 00-45SC Martin Guitar HammondCast Sk1 Jon Hammond Koei Tanaka Joe Berger Swiss Chris http://www.archive.org/details/JohnMayerPlaysNammPressPreview00-45scMartinGuitarHammondcastSk1 John Mayer playing the Martin 00-45SC as C.F. Martin & Co.'s Dick Boak looks on - photo by Jon Hammond
L to R: Dick Boak, Joe Lamond, John Mayer, Kevin Cranley - photo by Jon Hammond
Lots of Cameras!
John Mayer holding Martin 00-45SC with Dick Boak from C.F. Martin & Co. Guitars
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T48gy7gGip4 NAMM 2012 Press Preview HammondCast - John Mayer plays his new Stagecoach special edition "Cowboy Guitar" model 00-45SC (only 25 built) by C.F. Martin & Co. Guitars covered by Jon Hammond special thanks Jeanne O'Keefe The Lippin Group, Dick Boak C.F. Martin & Co. Guitars. Jon Hammond's 26th NAMM Show session with special friends at stand 5100 Hammond Suzuki - first time NAMM'er Koei Tanaka harmonica, Jon's long-time music partner Joe Berger guitar and drummer (Music Director of John Legend) Swiss Chris playing his brushes and signature Vic Firth drumsticks on practice pad only in respect to sound control. Also SCOTT MAY vocals resurrecting lyrics of Illinois band The Buckinghams (1967 release). NAMM President / CEO Joe Lamond and Vice Chairman Kevin Cranley appear in one of Jon's shots at Press coverage, many cameras! Jon plays the all new Sk1 Hammond organ here on a funky soulful tune written by Joe Zawinul "Mercy Mercy" enjoy folks! Jon Hammond http://www.namm.org/library/oral-history/jon-hammond *note about Jon Hammond host of HammondCast from NAMM Archives: "Jon Hammond has successfully created a career based on his musical talents and his passion for the music industry! As a musician Jon has performed with many legendary players and as a clinician and product artist he has introduced many innovative products to music stores and their customers over the last 30 plus years. Jon is closely identified with the two main products of his career, the Excelsior Accordion and the Digital B3 Organ." http://www.HammondCast.com http://www.martinguitar.com/news/PDF/00-45SC%20John%20Mayer.pdf " The 00-45SC The John Mayer Stagecoach Edition A Traditional But Exquisite 12-fret Grand Concert In Beautiful Cocobolo " " In collaboration with seven-time Grammy Award winner John Mayer, C. F. Martin & Co. is pleased to introduce a very special premium guitar – the 00-45SC John Mayer Stagecoach Edition – limited to just 25 instruments. " Dick Boak, John Mayer, Jeanne M. O'Keefe, Joe Lamond, C.F. Martin & Co. Sk1, Sk2, Hammond, Suzuki, Koei Tanaka, Swiss Chris, NAMM, Press Preview, Music, Organ, Jazz, Blues Media Contacts: Louise O'Brien DKC for Martin Guitar Amani Duncan Director, Promotional Marketing C. F. Martin & Co. Press Preview Exhibiting companies included Andy Graham Productions, C. F. Martin & Co., Inc., D&H Guitars, Dube, Farmer Musical Instruments, IK Multimedia, Magma Music Molecules Drums Company, Nektar, Numark/Alesis, Ovistrings Music Company, Peavey Electronics Corp., PocketStrings, Porter & Davies, RockStar Pyro, Taylor Guitars, TC Group Americas, Wi Digital Systems, Yamaha, Z-STIK *WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: NAMM 2012 James Wes Blues Sunday Session Sk1 Hammond http://www.archive.org/details/JonHammondNAMM2012JamesWesBluesSundaySessionSk1Hammond/ Joe Berger guitar, Koei Tanaka Suzuki Harmonica, Jon Hammond Sk1 Hammond Organ
Swiss Chris brushes - Cliff Unruh of Hammond Central looks on
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iD5r_zmX8Lg Sunday Blues Session in Hammond Suzuki Stand NAMM 2012 First time to NAMM Show - Suzuki Harmonica artist KOEI TANAKA from Tokyo Japan http://www.tanakakoei.com/ with JOE BERGER aka The Berger-Meister on guitar through Leslie G37 guitar combo amp, SWISS CHRIS playing only brushes here for keeping volume low but still with Swiss Chris energy! JON HAMMOND at Sk1 Hammond combo organ - James Wes Blues - Special thanks to Suzuki Musical Instruments Team - Waichiro 'Tachi' Tachikawa, Mr. M. Terada, Shuji Suzuki, Shigeyuki Ohtaka, Yu Beniya, Hammond Suzuki USA Dennis Capiga, Scott May, Jay Valle, cameo appearance by Cliff Unruh of Hammond Central (appears by Swiss Chris!) thanks NAMM President Joe Lamond, Jon's flight case Gator GKPE-49-TSA http://www.namm.org/library/oral-history/jon-hammond HammondCast http://www.HammondCast.com http://vimeo.com/35672142

NAMM 2012 James Wes Blues Sunday Session Sk1 Hammond from Jon Hammond on Vimeo.

http://blip.tv/jon-hammond/namm-2012-james-wes-blues-sunday-session-sk1-hammond-5911671 http://www.ourmedia.org/media/namm-2012-james-wes-blues-sunday-session-sk1-hammond http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-736843 sk1, organ, tanaka koei, harmonica, blues, swiss chris, namm, suzuki, joe berger, jon hammond Breaking News NAMM President/CEO Joe Lamond Says 95,000 Attendance Broken 3rd Day of 4 Day Winter NAMM 2012 Jon Hammond Reporting Joe Power!: Joe Testa Director of Artist Relations and Joe Lamond at Vic Firth Stand - photo by Jon Hammond
Jon Hammond spoke with Joe Lamond just before closing of 4th and final day of Winter NAMM 2012, noting that attendance was very strong, Joe Lamond said: "Yesterday (day 3) we broke 95,000 attendance." One can assume that the final attendance tally including Day 4 will be well over the 100,000 mark - Jon Hammond HammondCast Joe Lamond hosting NAMM Breakfast of Champions Day 1 with very special guests!
Jon Hammond reporting from 2012 NAMM Show and playing
NAMM’s Director of International Affairs Betty Heywood with Jon Hammond Day 1 Winter NAMM 2012
Managing Director Suzuki Musical Instruments Mr. Waichiro 'Tachi' Tachikawa with Jon Hammond
Michael Biwer Director of Prolight + Sound, Veronica from Messe Frankfurt Hollywood and Jon Hammond, next stop: Moscow! May 16-19 World's First Moscow NAMM Musikmesse
Mr. Shuji Suzuki - Suzuki Musical Instruments Company and Jon Hammond
L to R: Joe Berger, Koei Tanaka, Jon Hammond - special Sunday Morning Blues Session - January 22, 2012 Winter NAMM Hammond Stand
Jon Hammond traveling the world with his Hammond Sk1 Combo Organ most powerful keyboard incredibly compact and tough!
Stephen Fortner Editor Keyboard Magazine and Jon Hammond - Winter NAMM 2012
Jon Hammond and drummer Bernard Purdie - Winter NAMM 2012
Kicking off Day 3 Jon Hammond NAMM 2012 http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150469698917102.359184.558692101&type=3&l=0ba55c651f

We meet again 20 years later in NAMM 2012! Michel Lag & Jon Hammond
Michel Lag - Master Luthier of Algam Music & Sound in France who makes an appearance in Jon Hammond's movie "Sound Cops" on AFN Profile TV Show which Jon did in Cooperation with AFN Radio TV 20 years ago: 
Musician Jon Hammond on AFN Europe TV Show PROFILE, Musikmesse Special. Jon worked together with AFN's SSgt Albert Viera and SSG Terry Anderson to create this special entitled "Sound Cops" with very entertaining cameo appearances by Joe Berger (guitar) Michael Maier Falkenstein (Hammond organ with Jon) and the 2 Sound Polizei 'Noise Control' guys "Lorenzo" and his partner, busted for Electric Guitar Rocking!
You will find this story very enjoyable! Special thanks to AFN Europe and Musikmesse Frankfurt

*Note: Tomorrow shortly after 10AM I will be playing with the great Suzuki Harmonica Artist Koei Tanaka from Tokyo, his first appearance at NAMM Show in Suzuki Hammond stand 5100 with Joe Berger guitar, myself Jon Hammond on Hammond Sk1 combo organ - we will play a Blues session and the classic "Mercy Mercy", come welcome Koei Tanaka folks! *we played together in Hamamatsu Japan at Suzuki Hall 2 years ago. Jon Hammond and Koei Tanaka


Suzuki Concert Part 3 of 3:

Last Day 4 NAMM 2012 Jon Hammond Kicking it off soon, some pictures from yesterday Day 3: Jon Hammond with Bernard Purdie and first timers to NAMM - Tambuzi Carroll of EastBay Jazz Workshop and his brother Thomas, Tam drove all the way down from Berkeley: L to R: Tambuzi, Thomas, Jon Hammond, Bernard Purdie
2 years ago I played a midnight showcase show with Bernard Purdie at NAMM in the Hilton Lobby - Pocket Funk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afTagFhYOCo Pocket Funk Bernard Purdie and Friends NAMM + Flash Back 1989 For Flash Back 1989 Mikell's Pocket Funk Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2831189635144040422&hl=en# Pocket Funk LIVE JON HAMMOND Band w/BERNARD PURDIE at Mikell's NYC *Note: Listen to the crowd of mostly musicians actually roar after Joe Berger's guitar solo! - JH - Hilton Hotel Lobby Pocket Funk by Jon Hammond © JH INTL ASCAP Yesterday started out with heavy rain, check out my new smiling frog umbrella with ears...ready to go to show with Sk1 Hammond organ
Ran in to my friend SureWill who is really going places on the Smooth Jazz charts playing with people like Dave Koz, go SureWill!
Jon Hammond with Michael Biwer from Frankfurt Musikmesse!
Jon Hammond with David Mash, Vice President for Technology and Education Outreach at Berklee College of Music
Jon Hammond and Paul Pesco
To photo album will be revised http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150469698917102.359184.558692101&type=3&l=0ba55c651f Sk1, Sk2, Combo organ, super light, Funky Drums, Paul Pesco, Pocket Funk, Sk1 Hammond, Smiling Frog Umbrella, Suzuki, Winter NAMM Bernard Purdie and Friends Midnight Showcase Winter NAMM Hilton Hotel Anaheim Special Long Play Video 38:51 *LINK: http://blip.tv/jon-hammond/bernard-purdie-and-friends-midnight-showcase-winter-namm-2010-hilton-hotel-anaheim-special-long-play-video-38-51-3600386 Bernard Purdie and Friends Midnight Showcase Winter NAMM 2010 Hilton Hotel Anaheim Special Long Play Video 38:51 http://gallery.me.com/jonhammondband#101185 Soulcatcher Blues: Tim Hern gtr. vocals, Mahlon Hawk bs. vocals, Leslie Gray gtr. vocals Jon Hammond XK-1 Organ (and bass on Pocket Funk) Special Guest: Joe Berger guitar Vibes: Jason "Malletman" Taylor Tenor saxes: Dan Puccio, Shea Marshall Trumpet: Winston Byrd Drums: Bernard "Pretty" Purdie aka "The Hit Maker" *Note: Bernard Purdie, Jon Hammond and Joe Berger are members of Local 802 Musicians Union Video Camera: Jennifer © http://www.HammondCast.com 1. "It's Probably Me" - Soulcatcher Blues 2. "Standing on Shaky Ground" Soulcatcher Blues 3. "Big Boss Man" Soulcatcher, Leslie Gray Feature 4. "Pocket Funk" Jon Hammond Intl. ASCAP *Joe Berger guitar feature *don't leave a kleenex in your pocket when you do the laundry! Special Thanks: NAMM.org, Hilton Hotel Anaheim Convention Center, Hammond Suzuki, Denny Mack & Co. Audio Mix Raquel Romero F&B, Executive Chef Fred Mensinga, Special Long Play Video by Jennifer Bernard Purdie http://www.bernardpurdie.com Soulcatcher Blues http://www.myspace.com/soulcatcherblues Jon Hammond http://www.jonhammondband.com Jason "Malletman" Taylor Jon Hammond at XK-1 Hammond organ, Bernard Pretty Purdie drums, Tim Hern guitar, Winston Byrd trumpet, photo by Bernie Horns: Winston Byrd trumpet, Shea Marshall tenor, Joe Berger guitar, Leslie Gray guitar, Bernard Pretty Purdie drums, Tim Hern guitar, Mahlon Hawk bass, Jon Hammond XK-1 organ, photo by Bernie Jason Taylor aka Mallet Man vibes, Leslie Gray guitar, Winston Byrd trumpet, Tim Hern guitar, Bernard Pretty Purdie drums, Jon Hammond XK-1 organ, photo by Bernie Capicchiano Bernard Pretty Purdie and Friends mixed by Denny Mack photo by Bernie Capicchiano http://vimeo.com/11549268 *WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: NAMM Breakfast of Champions Concert Prakash Sontakke and Salar Nader http://www.archive.org/details/NammBreakfastOfChampionsConcertPrakashSontakkeAndSalarNader Prakash Sontakke lap slide guitar, Abe Thomas Thomas Music Bangalore, Salar Nader tabla drums
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkRptlyKD5U NAMM 2012 Breakfast of Champions Day 1 Concert: Prakash Sontakke - Slide Guitar and Salar Nader - Tabla Drums, brought to you by Abe Thomas and camera by Jon Hammond of HammondCast *Note: Prakash just emailed me that the name of this song is: "Kalyani" Prakash: http://prakashsontakke.com/ Salar: http://salarnader.com/ Abe: http://thomasmusicindia.com/ Asher Guitars & Lap Steels http://www.asherguitars.com/ Jon: http://www.HammondCast.com NAMM http://www.namm.org/ Joe Lamond NAMM President / CEO Appears At End enjoy folks! Jon Hammond http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-738296 http://vimeo.com/35822805

NAMM Breakfast of Champions Concert Prakash Sontakke and Salar Nader from Jon Hammond on Vimeo.

http://blip.tv/jon-hammond/namm-breakfast-of-champions-concert-prakash-sontakke-and-salar-nader-5918067 NAMM Jam Duo with KOEI TANAKA harmonica and JON HAMMOND at Sk2 http://vimeo.com/35826830 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kjGcGgK7_o Suzuki Hammond Artists KOEI TANAKA harmonica and JON HAMMOND in Duo playing at 2012 Winter NAMM Show in the first-ever Suzuki Hammond combo stand number 5100. Jon and Koei first met and played together in Hamamatsu Japan at Suzuki factory and world headquarters in Suzuki Hall in a special concert for President Founder Mr. Manji Suzuki and entire company, happy to see each other again in USA! Welcome Koei first time to NAMM Show, 26th year at NAMM for Jon Hammond, Day 1 of 4 Days, many guests came including Stevie Wonder who is now playing Suzuki harmonicas exclusively. Koei Tanaka goes to many countries and does incredible social work with his music and spreading the message of the melody with Suzuki Harmonicas. Jon Hammond tours worldwide with Hammond Sk1. Check out Koei's other YouTubes and visit his official fan site http://www.tanakakoei.com/ and Jon Hammond HammondCast Jon Hammond Band http://www.jonhammondband.com/ *WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: NAMM Jam Duo with KOEI TANAKA harmonica and JON HAMMOND at Sk2 http://www.archive.org/details/NammJamDuoWithKoeiTanakaHarmonicaAndJonHammondAtSk2_452
Scott May of Hammond Suzuki looking on - Jon Hammond at Sk2 Hammond
*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Sk2 Mercy Mercy NAMM Jam 2012 Jon Hammond and Friends http://www.archive.org/details/JonHammondSk2MercyMercyNAMMJam2012JonHammondandFriends/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYtj8SG0Gbo Jon Hammond Day 1 NAMM at Sk2 Hammond organ with good friends Rich Severson of Guitar College http://www.guitarcollege.com/ on guitar, Koei Tanaka Suzuki Harmonica artist - official fan site http://www.tanakakoei.com/ NAMM Jam 2012 on Mercy Mercy at Hammond Suzuki stand 5100 first-time ever combined for full power in the big NAMM. Special thanks to Suzuki Musical Instruments Team - Waichiro 'Tachi' Tachikawa, Mr. M. Terada, Shuji Suzuki, Shigeyuki Ohtaka, Yu Beniya, Hammond Suzuki USA Dennis Capiga, Scott May, Jay Valle - Camera: Jennifer http://www.HammondCast.com Jon Hammond Sk2 Hammond organ, Rich Severson Eastman 403 guitar, Koei Tanaka Suzuki Harmonica - Stand 5100 NAMM 2012

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