Friday, February 10, 2012

NAMM 2012 Special Jon Hammond Show HammondCast

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: NAMM 2012 Special Jon Hammond Show HammondCast
NAMM 2012 Breakfast of Champions Day 1 Concert: Prakash Sontakke - Slide Guitar and Salar Nader - Tabla Drums, brought to you by Abe Thomas and camera by Jon Hammond of HammondCast *Note: Prakash just emailed me that the name of this song is: "Kalyani" First time to NAMM Show - Suzuki Harmonica artist KOEI TANAKA from Tokyo Japan with JOE BERGER aka The Berger-Meister on guitar through Leslie G37 guitar combo amp, SWISS CHRIS getting down with custom Vic Firth drum sticks only on practice pad for low volume trade show performance with JON HAMMOND at Sk1 Hammond combo organ and SCOTT MAY vocals resurrecting lyrics of Illinois band The Buckinghams (1967 release) for this classic bluesy funky tune having fun all together with Suzuki and Hammond first time combined stands full power! Special thanks to Suzuki Musical Instruments Team - Waichiro 'Tachi' Tachikawa, Mr. M. Terada, Shuji Suzuki, Shigeyuki Ohtaka, Yu Beniya, Hammond Suzuki USA Dennis Capiga, Scott May, Jay Valle, NAMM President Joe Lamond Jon's flight case Gator GKPE-49-TSA Jon Hammond has successfully created a career based on his musical talents and his passion for the music industry! As a musician Jon has performed with many legendary players and as a clinician and product artist he has introduced many innovative products to music stores and their customers over the last 30 plus years. Jon is closely identified with the two main products of his career, the Excelsior Accordion and the Digital B3 Organ. This film of the showing of the NAMM Memorial of industry leaders lost, thoughtfully put together by NAMM Historian Dan Del Fiorentino and NAMM Archivist Tony Arambarri, everybody stops in their tracks and reflects on the lives of these lost members of the NAMM community. I knew a few of them personally, Ed Roman, Mrs. Suzuki wife of Manji Suzuki founders of Suzuki Musical Instruments who make the instruments I play today. The music of the fine bag pipe and drum troup and string players at the end set the tone, thanks for watching folks, sincerely, Jon Hammond

NAMM 2012 Special Jon Hammond Show from Jon Hammond on Vimeo.

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: John Mayer Plays NAMM Press Preview 00-45SC Martin Guitar HammondCast Sk1 Jon Hammond Koei Tanaka Joe Berger Swiss Chris John Mayer playing the Martin 00-45SC as C.F. Martin & Co.'s Dick Boak looks on - photo by Jon Hammond
L to R: Dick Boak, Joe Lamond, John Mayer, Kevin Cranley - photo by Jon Hammond
Lots of Cameras!
Jon Hammond reporting from 2012 NAMM Show and playing
NAMM’s Director of International Affairs Betty Heywood with Jon Hammond Day 1 Winter NAMM 2012
Managing Director Suzuki Musical Instruments Mr. Waichiro 'Tachi' Tachikawa with Jon Hammond
Michael Biwer Director of Prolight + Sound, Veronica from Messe Frankfurt Hollywood and Jon Hammond, next stop: Moscow! May 16-19 World's First Moscow NAMM Musikmesse
Mr. Shuji Suzuki - Suzuki Musical Instruments Company and Jon Hammond
L to R: Joe Berger, Koei Tanaka, Jon Hammond - special Sunday Morning Blues Session - January 22, 2012 Winter NAMM Hammond Stand
Jon Hammond traveling the world with his Hammond Sk1 Combo Organ most powerful keyboard incredibly compact and tough!
Stephen Fortner Editor Keyboard Magazine and Jon Hammond - Winter NAMM 2012
Jon Hammond and drummer Bernard Purdie - Winter NAMM 2012
2 years ago I played a midnight showcase show with Bernard Purdie at NAMM in the Hilton Lobby - Pocket Funk Pocket Funk Bernard Purdie and Friends NAMM + Flash Back 1989 For Flash Back 1989 Mikell's Pocket Funk Video: Pocket Funk LIVE JON HAMMOND Band w/BERNARD PURDIE at Mikell's NYC *Note: Listen to the crowd of mostly musicians actually roar after Joe Berger's guitar solo! - JH - Hilton Hotel Lobby Pocket Funk by Jon Hammond © JH INTL ASCAP Yesterday started out with heavy rain, check out my new smiling frog umbrella with ears...ready to go to show with Sk1 Hammond organ
Ran in to my friend SureWill who is really going places on the Smooth Jazz charts playing with people like Dave Koz, go SureWill!
Jon Hammond with Michael Biwer from Frankfurt Musikmesse!
Jon Hammond with David Mash, Vice President for Technology and Education Outreach at Berklee College of Music
Jon Hammond and Paul Pesco
NAMM Jam Duo with KOEI TANAKA harmonica and JON HAMMOND at Sk2 Suzuki Hammond Artists KOEI TANAKA harmonica and JON HAMMOND in Duo playing at 2012 Winter NAMM Show in the first-ever Suzuki Hammond combo stand number 5100. Jon and Koei first met and played together in Hamamatsu Japan at Suzuki factory and world headquarters in Suzuki Hall in a special concert for President Founder Mr. Manji Suzuki and entire company, happy to see each other again in USA! Welcome Koei first time to NAMM Show, 26th year at NAMM for Jon Hammond, Day 1 of 4 Days, many guests came including Stevie Wonder who is now playing Suzuki harmonicas exclusively. Koei Tanaka goes to many countries and does incredible social work with his music and spreading the message of the melody with Suzuki Harmonicas. Jon Hammond tours worldwide with Hammond Sk1. Check out Koei's other YouTubes and visit his official fan site and Jon Hammond HammondCast Jon Hammond Band *WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: NAMM Jam Duo with KOEI TANAKA harmonica and JON HAMMOND at Sk2
Scott May of Hammond Suzuki looking on - Jon Hammond at Sk2 Hammond
*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Sk2 Mercy Mercy NAMM Jam 2012 Jon Hammond and Friends Jon Hammond Day 1 NAMM at Sk2 Hammond organ with good friends Rich Severson of Guitar College on guitar, Koei Tanaka Suzuki Harmonica artist - official fan site NAMM Jam 2012 on Mercy Mercy at Hammond Suzuki stand 5100 first-time ever combined for full power in the big NAMM. Special thanks to Suzuki Musical Instruments Team - Waichiro 'Tachi' Tachikawa, Mr. M. Terada, Shuji Suzuki, Shigeyuki Ohtaka, Yu Beniya, Hammond Suzuki USA Dennis Capiga, Scott May, Jay Valle - Camera: Jennifer Jon Hammond Sk2 Hammond organ, Rich Severson Eastman 403 guitar, Koei Tanaka Suzuki Harmonica - Stand 5100 NAMM 2012 special thanks Lippin Group, 2012 Winter NAMM, MNN TV, Mrs. Suzuki, Memorial Video, Dan Del Fiorentino Historian, Tony Arambarri Archivist, Leslie G37, Joe Berger, Local 802 Musicians union

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