Tuesday, November 20, 2012

PIA 747 Flight Deck Jon's Journal November 20 2012

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: PIA 747 Flight Deck & Singing of Star Spangled Banner Downloaded 1,286 times http://archive.org/details/JonHammondPIA747FlightDeckFootageofJonHammondTour_SingingofStarSpangledBanneratP_0 PIA 747 Flight Deck Footage of Jon Hammond Tour + Singing of Star Spangled Banner at Pakistan/American Friendship Day Personally shot film by Jon Hammond on tour, Germany and onboard in cockpit of PIA 747 Jumbo (Pakistan International Airlines) flying with Paki VIP's to New York for Pakistan - American Friendship Day Celebration with singing of our National Anthem "The Star Spangled Banner" and showing of patriotism that will touch your heart. This is a must-see. Look closely for quick cameo appearances of radio legend Al Jazzbeaux Collins and Ruth Messinger former Manhattan Borough President. *Note: Jon Hammond would like to say a special thanks to Pakistan International Airlines Crew, Pakistan Minister of Culture/Poetess Kishwar Naheed, Remin Kart-A-Bag USA, FRAport, Pakistan American Friendship Commitee. Jon Hammond's official site: http://www.HammondCast.com Jimdo HammondCast 21 Jon's Journal November 19 2012 Bonnie Raitt and Jon Hammond - thanks for coming to check out my band's set at Shoreline Amphitheatre when I opened for you a few years ago Bonnie! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonnie_Raitt Bonnie Lynn Raitt (born November 8, 1949) is a renowned American blues singer-songwriter and slide guitar player. During the 1970s, Raitt released a series of acclaimed roots-influenced albums which incorporated elements of blues, rock, folk and country, but she is perhaps best known for her more commercially accessible recordings in the 1990s including "Nick of Time", "Something to Talk About", "Love Sneakin' Up on You", and the slow ballad "I Can't Make You Love Me". Raitt has received nine Grammy Awards in her career and is a lifelong political activist. Carnegie Hall New York -- Tony Lakatos and Jon Hammond at Carnegie Hall, but not in Carnegie Hall - photo by the great Jazz Photographer Elmar Lemes — at Carnegie Hall Hollywood California -- Jon Hammond and Tommy Denander at ASCAP Expo taking care of some international music biz! href="http://www.livinginhd.com/hammondcast/blog/2012/04/22/2012_ascap_expo_highlights_hamburg_to_hollywood_via_frankfurt_by_jon_hammond">http://www.livinginhd.com/hammondcast/blog/2012/04/22/2012_ascap_expo_highlights_hamburg_to_hollywood_via_frankfurt_by_jon_hammond 2012 ASCAP Expo Highlights Hamburg to Hollywood via Frankfurt by ASCAP Member Jon Hammond *SEE PHOTOS HERE: 2012 ASCAP Expo Highlights Hamburg to Hollywood via Frankfurt by ASCAP Member Jon Hammond http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150716460652102.382309.558692101&type=3&l=958d896dc 17th Annual ASCAP I Create Music Expo, 6th consecutive year for Jon Hammond welcomes Tommy Denander from Sweden to his first ASCAP Expo aka We Create Music Expo — at Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, California Shuji Suzuki - President Suzuki Musical Instruments and Jon Hammond - Winter NAMM Anaheim California — at NAMM 2 hats at the last Musikmesse Frankfurt - Jon with Alex Hsieh of P Mauriat HQ saxophones, wishing Alex a speedy recovery come back soon Alex! I'm sure Tony will be playing your saxophone on my band at Jazzkeller next month, Jon Hammond — with Alex Mingmann Hsieh at Musikmesse Frankfurt Next stop Musikmesse Frankfurt ladies & gentlemen! Jon Hammond touring with the new Hammond Sk1 ultra-compact combo organ 26th Year Musikmesse Warm Up Party Will Be March 20th 2012 Jazzkeller Frankfurt *WATCH THE VIDEO: Cake Flowers and Late Rent 25 Years Musikmesse Warm Up Party in Jazzkeller http://ia600608.us.archive.org/28/items/JonHammondCakeFlowersandLateRent25YearsMusikmesseWarmUpPartyinJazzkeller/CakeFlowersandLateRent.m4v http://www.archive.org/details/JonHammondCakeFlowersandLateRent25YearsMusikmesseWarmUpPartyinJazzkeller&reCache=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hozrJpHvV-4 Chocolate on Chocolate Cake at 2011 Musikmesse Warm Up Party in Jazzkeller Frankfurt with Jon Hammond Band and special guests for this special occasion celebrating 25 years in Musikmesse. Special acknowledgement of Wilhelm P. “Charly” Hosenseidl R.I.P. who was the Director of Musikmesse years 1989-2008 now Directed by Wolfgang Luecke, special thanks to Messe Frankfurt Projekt and Presse Team! Jon Hammond Band: Joe Berger guitar Tony Lakatos tenor saxophone Giovanni Gulino drums Jon Hammond – Hammond Organ – special thanks Hiromitsu Ono Chief Engineer Suzuki Musical Instruments designed my instrument which took me all around the world many times “Late Rent” Jon Hammond theme song for Jon Hammond Show MNNTV and HammondCast Show KYOU Radio San Francisco CBS Radio Network Thanks Joe Lamond President CEO NAMM, TecAmp J├╝rgen Kunze and Thomas Eich – Puma Combo bass amp powering Jon Hammond’s organ — at NAMM 747 Flight Deck, Star Spangled Banner, Sk1 combo organ, ultra compact, NAMM, Musikmesse, Suzuki Musical Instruments, Jon Hammond, Pakistan American Friendship, Local 802, Musicians Union, AFM Federation

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