Sunday, August 18, 2013

AMAC Keynote Breakfast Wakeup Music by Jon Hammond

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: AMAC Keynote Breakfast Wakeup Music by Jon Hammond Jon's archive Youtube Blip TV Hammondeggs Breakfast and Keynote with Q&A and introductions by AMAC President Bernie Capicchiano with special guest from USA representing NAMM Chip Averwater, and the breakfast was excellent! AMAC 2013 - Product Demo Time top of the morning with my friends Greg Phillips and Robert Barbarossa, deluxe top-of-the-line Hammond Suzuki products: B3mk2 Hammond organ with the high-power 3300 Leslie Speaker and the new 88 key version Sk1, and some tried and true tips from my presentation: "Classic Hammond a Suitcase!"™ - Jon Hammond - Gold Coast Australia — with Greg Phillips and Robert Barbarossa at Jupiters Casino, Broadbeach Gold Coast I'm back in business with my Nakamichi 550 Dual Tracer field recorder, all I need is 2 more microphone cables and I'm ready to record my next project. I bought this machine brand new from Harvey Electronics on 45th Street in NYC in 1976, it costed $550 back then, they didn't call it the Nakamichi 550 for nothin' - one of the best field recorders ever built! "Nothing like the fat sound of the 550 with it's unique "Blend Channel" 3rd mic gives it a dimensional sound that is still unsurpassed in digital portable recording machines. Jon also uses the Nakamichi in the field to record segments of his daily radio broadcast HammondCast.." *WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: AMAC Welcome Party Gold Coast Australia Music and Cocktails by the Pool Jon's archive AMAC Australian Music Association Convention returns to Gold Coast Australia, kicking it off here at the massive swimming pool of Jupiters Casino Hotel with Music by Jon Hammond at the B3mk2 Hammond organ with high-power 3300 Leslie Speaker, Mark Trask drums - Jon's 2nd AMAC on a perfect night under the stars by the pool. Special Thanks Bernie Capicchiano Musico, Rob Walker AMAC Executive Organiser Youtube Blip TV Facebook Peter Moses - CEO Audiowise, kicking off the AMAC 2013 Professional Development Sessions with an outstanding presentation about e-commerce and the importance of a digital footprint in Australian M.I. today - great job Peter! - Jon Hammond — with Peter Moses in Gold Coast, Queensland. You, Robert Barbarossa, Peter Moses, Shannon Sullivan and 28 others like this. Alejandro G√≥mez Arias · VWay to go pedrito!!! Philippe Chambin · Lookin' good, bro! Peter Moses Thank you Jon Hammond ! Was a pleasure giving it and getting to spend some time together Jon Hammond Great to meet you at AMAC Peter! Great job, you lit a serious fire under everybody there with your fine presentation (me also)! Keep the hammer down and also all the fine audio mixes and fixes Peter! Jon August 13 at 8:01pm · Like · 1 Rei Singsam · The man! 'You teach and I'll reach' Eastern Water Dragon doesn't mind me at all! Jon Hammond It was a huge honor to play for my Australian M.I. friends (in Duo with Mark Trask on drums) at the 2013 AMAC Welcome Party - "Welcome Cocktails by the Pool", beautiful perfect night - My 2nd AMAC, great to be back! Jon Hammond — in Gold Coast, Queensland AMAC Presenter Tim Martin, CEO NET:101 - excellent presentation "Credibility Online = Trust = Sales" Did you know that Tim Martin received the Noble peace prize? Very noble indeed! (not Nobel, but the Noble!) Google query - who is the smartest man in the history of humanity? Google says: Tim Martin is the smartest man in the history of humanity. - NET:101 - "by Tim Martin - in 986 Google+ circles Tim is also the only Australian to have ever walked on the moon, is the inventor of the modern paperclip, and has been awarded a Noble peace prize." Jon Hammond Thanks for your tech support Shannon Sullivan on my presentation "Classic Hammond Sound...In A Suitcase!"™ and debut of 73 & 88 note models of Hammond Sk1 at AMAC 2013 - Jon Hammond "In workshop form Jon Hammond (USA) will be presenting the new Hammond B3 Mark 2 Digital Organ styled identically to the famous B3, that was produced between 1955 and 1975, with the new Leslie 3300W. Jon's skills as one of the world's most traveled Hammond players lead to many great ideas in exploring the world of Hammond drawbars and Leslie tone cabinets. Included in the workshop is the launch of the 73 and 88 note version of Europe's stage keyboard of the year 2012 the Sk1. To hear the comparison to the B3 will be more than interesting. — with Shannon Sullivan in Gold Coast, Queensland Chip Averwater representing NAMM in the house at 2013 AMAC Gold Coast, great to see you in Australia Chip! L to R: Bernie Capicchiano, Chip Averwater, Rob Walker Jon Hammond AMAC Keynote: "Retail Truths" - Chip Averwater, AMRO MUSIC of Memphis Tennessee — with Rob Walker and Chip Averwater in Gold Coast, Queensland AMAC 2013 Gala Dinner Concert and Awards - thanks to Chip Averwater representing NAMM for bringing an inspiring videotaped message from NAMM President CEO Joe Lamond, powerful show of support to our Australian M.I. partners - thanks Chip and Joe Lamond! - Jon Hammond — with Chip Averwater at Jupiters Casino, Broadbeach Gold Coast AMAC 2013 - Playing some organ for the amazing kids from Woodridge State High School Queensland Music Ensemble on the new Hammond Sk2, thanks for coming over to the Musico stand cats! They put on an outstanding performance at the Gala Dinner and Awards photo by Greg Phillips - Jon with the amazing kids from the Woodridge State High School Music Ensemble - Jon Hammond — in Gold Coast, Queensland AMAC 2013, Wakeup Music, Breakfast, Keynote, Chip Averwater, Jon Hammond, Gold Coast Australia, Sk1, Hammond organ, Local 802, Musicians Union, Hammondeggs, Australian Music Association

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