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In Memory Of My Friend Professor Klaus Maier

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I dedicate this video in memory of my dear friend Professor Klaus Maier on the day before I play at a big Memorial gathering of Family, Friends, and his past and present Pupils in Ulrich-von-Ensingen-Realschule Ulm Musiksaal / Music Hall - he was one of the most generous, sensitive caring persons I have ever met and one of the greatest intellect people since Albert Einstein - he taught for over 30 years in the University and he is the Founding Father of Hammond Suzuki Germany in Deutschland - I will miss him greatly and am blessed to have known him in my life. Sincerely, Jon Hammond *note: Professor Klaus Maier is Father of my long-time friend Michael Falkenstein , my deepest sincerest condolences to Michael and his Family, Friends and Pupils - so many people love this Man, incredible loss - we celebrate his Life! - Jon — with Michael Falkenstein and Klaus Maier.
Klaus Maier Gedenk-Abend Klaus Maier Memorial-Eve on his Birthday
Public · By Jon Hammond 
Please join us in commemorating and celebrating the Life and Legacy of this most incredible generous Man - Teacher, Father, Musician - Professor Klaus Maier - my long-time dear Friend and Father of main man Michael Falkenstein - we make it on his 67th Birthday 18th November at 18th Hour in Ulrich-von-Ensingen-Realschule Ulm where he taught Physics and Life for more than 30 years - we gather in The Musiksaal / Music Hall - to play music, it is a huge honor to be asked to play on this very special occasion - Sincerely, Jon Hammond Band

*Info from Michael Falkensteinl:
"Info für alle Freunde von UVE-Lehrer Klaus Maier:

Heute in einer Woche - am Geburtstag meines Vater´s Klaus Maier findet im Musiksaal der UVE ein

" Klaus Maier Gedenk-Abend / Klaus Maier Memorial-Eve "

statt - Montag, dem 18. November ab 18.00 Uhr -

Wäre super wenn viele Bilder mit bzw. auch Bilder auf Stick dabei wären !
Falls Ihr eine Bilderwand machen wollt wär ebenso super !


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