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HammondCast with preview of NDR Sessions Projekt and from inside San Francisco County Jail with Larry Schneider on tenor

*LISTEN TO THE AUDIO HERE: HammondCast with preview of NDR Sessions Projekt and inside San Francisco County Jail Downloaded 3,935 times - Jon's Archive NDR Studio control room with Jo Gallardo, Heinz Lichius, Lutz Büchner, Rudy Grosser HammondCast 17, just back from Hamburg Germany where I recorded my new album, an official production of NDR Radio in Studio 1 with some of my all-time favorite musicians: Lutz Buchner (Sax), Joe Gallardo (Trombone), Heinz Lichius (Drums), myself-Jon Hammond (XK-3 Organ/Bass) and Engineer: Rudy Grosser in Studio 1 NDR Radio. I'll be playing some selections rough mixes (not so rough actually!) as my Christmas gift to the listeners, and speaking of Christmas...from inside San Francisco County Jail #8 "Pod E", a live recording of my trio's annual Christmas Prison Show with the great tenor saxophonist Larry Schneider & Ronnie Smith Jr. on drums along with myself on keys playing the Christmas classic: "Have Yourself a Merry Christmas". Every year I tell the ladies "And ya' better be good!" And from the Studio 1 NDR Sessions my original blues shuffle: No X-Cess Baggage Blues, some fine playing by Lutz on one of my favorite ballads: My One and Only Love and my theme song: "Late Rent". Special thanks to Knut Benzner of NDR Radio for co-producing these recordings now heard on KYOU Radio, 1550 on the AM Dial. Jon Hammond 2 very special jazz friends of mine this evening at Local 802 Musicians Union - Rudy Sheriff Lawless the great jazz drummer and beacon of inspiration - and Gina Reder aka Gina Jazz! Jon Hammond — at Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM On the Night Before The Big Vote - Jazz is alive and well one week after Hurricane Sandy at Local 802 Musicians Union in New York City folks! This evening I played the early bird set with these great musicians, my all-time favorites here - L to R: The great Richard Clements jazz pianist extraordinaire, Mike Comoia the great veteran tenor saxophonist, myself Jon Hammond at the organ and one of the greatest jazz bassists in New York - Bob Cunningham, and he is a killin' vocalist occasionally and pianist as well - special thanks to Jazz Foundation of America *Note: Photo by Greg Bandy with my camera, thanks Greg! — with Bob Cunningham at Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM Jon's archive Appearing Saturday January 25th 11am Winter NAMM Show - Anaheim Convention Center Patio Stage on Saturday, January 25, 2014 at 11:00 AM for a 40-minute performance - Jon Hammond Band *Note: Dom Famularo will be playing drums! Alex Budman tenor saxophone, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond organ Downloaded 391 times Picture taken from our hotel room on 10th floor of Hotel Rossiya - Red Square in the Moscow White Nights Most of the day I stayed in the room practicing my instrument and looking out at Red Square. Jennifer and I wanted to get to the club early so that we could get a sound check and settle in. Faina picked us up and we stuffed my organ and all our equipment in her compact car and off we went to Le Club in the Taganka Theatre Building. When we arrived the big friendly doormen picked up my heavy cases like they were toothpicks and brought them up the stairs for me! Vladimir the sound engineer for the club was very smooth and professional, and a very nice guy. We got a good sound on the organ and then came Eduard Zizak the great drummer! I had already met Eduard in New York the week before when he was there performing with Igor's quartet at Birdland. Eduard is an incredible drummer and also a very nice guy. We made a little soundcheck and right away I could tell that he had listened to my music and we would lock up with some very tight problem! But where was Igor? I was hoping for a little mini-rehearsel with Igor but when I saw the public coming in to have dinner I knew it was too late for that! Igor arrived with his entourage and it was great to see him...he told me not to worry and apologised for not coming earlier. Igor is in big demand with a very busy schedule, so I am very lucky and honored that he could take the time to perform with me together even as his new cd album "Prophecy" was just released on the Universal Label. We had time only for a 5 minute soundcheck and I showed Igor my book. This was going to be a very spontaneous performance, no doubt about it! We decided to record it, and Vladimir did a fantastic job on the recording on their new digital recording console that they had just brought back from New York. From the first notes I knew that this would be one of those magic nights I would never forget. The response from the audience was wonderful. I could only say in Russsian, "Ya LuBlu Vas"...which means, I love you all. And when I said the words to the people I got a great feeling back from them. First set was just fine and then on the break I was introduced to many press people and some fantastic local musicians. I was very honored that they all came to greet me. And then Igor proudly introduced me to 2 of the legendary jazz musicians of Moscow-accordionist Vladimir Danilin and guitarist Alexei Kuznezov. They said they had their instruments in the car and so yes we decided right away to make a live session together. It was incredible from the first song on the 2nd set, playing together with these fantastic Moscow musicians! It felt like we had been playing together for 20 years. These musicians are some of the greatest I have ever heard and played together with. The audience was loving every bit of it, just as much as I! I was so happy that Vladimir was getting it all on tape and Jennifer was also running the video machine and taking pictures also. By the end of the night I was very satisfied with how everything went. Igor personally drove Jennifer and I back to the hotel in his nice car with fantastic sound system. Great night! Youtube 12,013 Organist JON HAMMOND in concert with saxophonist IGOR BUTMAN, ALEXEI KUZNETZOV (gtr.), VLADIMIR DANILIN (accordion) & ED ZIZAK (drums) togehter for the first time in MOSCOW RUSSIA at LE CLUB in THEATRE TAGANKA *JENNIFER-Camera, *Special Thanks: FAINA COBHAM *Official Site: Frankfurt Germany -- 2012 Annual Musikmesse Warm Up Party hosted by Jon Hammond Band in Jazzkeller Frankfurt - Youtube "LATE RENT" Jon Hammond Show Theme Song as seen on MNN TV New York City Cable TV with Tony Lakatos tenor sax, Joe Berger guitar, Giovanni Gulino drums, Jon Hammond at the Hammond Sk1 organ, special guest Lee Oskar harmonica. This performance marks 26 years consecutive attending Musikmesse Frankfurt and it was also on the birthday of Jon Hammond March 20th, 2012 with a big chocolate on chocolate cake baked by Saray Pastanesi Baeckerei & Konditorei bakery on Mainzer Landstrasse 131. 60327 Frankfurt am Main SFO Airport Maintenance -- This is the Ground Support Crew for America's Pride The Blue Angels folks, they just finished pulling this United Boeing 737 with a thick rope, you can see it in bottom left corner of photo - Jon Hammond Youtube Blue Angels 2012 Fleet Week Air Show at SFO with Music from Jon Hammond Band Jon’s Journal January 9 2013 America’s Pride – Blue Angels – US Army Blues *WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Blue Angels SFO Fleet Week Family Day Music Get Back in the Groove Downloaded 88 times Youtube Remembering the late great Max Roach on his birthday today...I can't say really Happy Birthday Max Roach because he is dead unfortunately, but I can say to his very talented daughter Maxine Roach (cellist, member Local 802), Happy Birthday Wishes to your Family Maxine! I took this photo of Max Roach in 1981 when I returned from Paris France - he is playing here at Keystone Korner Jazz Club in San Francisco Max Roach Photograph by Jon Hammond File:Max Roach American Jazz Drummer with Odeon Pope saxophone in Keystone Korner photo by Jon Hammond 1981 {{Information |Description={{en|1=Max Roach American Jazz Drummer with saxohonist Odeon Pope at Keystone Korner San Francisco Tuesday February 22nd 1981 photo by Jon Hammond Manhattan by Night -- Apple Store Fifth Avenue, the 24 hour store that never sleeps in the City that never sleeps - photo by the organ player that never sleeps - Jon Hammond *cleaning the computers, from all the people touching them with their germ fingers all day long - must be disinfected, especially with Flu Epidemic in progress! - JH — at Apple Store - Fifth Avenue Manhattan by Night -- Apple Store Fifth Avenue - Jon Hammond Apple Store Fifth Avenue 767 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10153 Store hours: 24/7, 365 days a year NDR Hamburg, San Francisco County Jail, NAMM Show, Jazz, Blues, 80th Anniversary, Hammond Organs, Jon Hammond, Local 802, Musicians Union

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