Friday, February 14, 2014

NAMM Event In Memoriam Industry Tribute 2014 and Trade Show Wrap Up from Jon Hammond

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: NAMM Event In Memoriam Industry Tribute 2014 Jon's archive Youtube Blip TV Very special annual NAMM event - Memorial Tribute to Industry Leaders Lost, always happens at the end of the first day of Winter NAMM Show, the NAMM Community gathers to pay tribute as this year 140 music heavies were memorialized on the giant outdoor screen at The GoPro Grand Plaza Stage with a film produced by the NAMM Historian and Archivist Dan Del Fiorentino and Tony Arambarri - covered stageside by Jon Hammond there with Michael Falkenstein who recently lost his father Professor Klaus Maier appears and other good friends Bill Lawrence, George Duke, Sam Ulano, Dale Hyatt, Robert Zildjian and too many others - Link for 2014 Memorial NAMM Stands Still as the L.A. Scots Bagpipers begin and end this poignant event - opening remarks by NAMM Chairman Larry Morton President of Hal Leonard Corporation - The NAMM Show — at NAMM Anaheim Convention Center Photo Credit: Lawrence Gay of The West Coast Live Radio Show JON HAMMOND RECEIVES NAMM AWARD February 14, 2014 *LINK: At the recent 2014 Winter NAMM Expo, Hammond Artist JON HAMMOND received the “Beleive In Music” award from NAMM President Joe Lamond. Jon travels the World with his Hammond Sk1, swinging with his group, guesting with others and playing Solo. Jon also brings the joy of jazz to many folks who are ill or recuperating via his countless visits to Hospitals and Institutions everywhere. Congratulations, Jon! Special thanks Scott May, Gregg Gregory Gronowski, Steve Simmons, Peter Nguyen, Jennifer Landeros, Tachi Waichiro Tachikawa, Yu Beniya, Mr. Terada, Mr. Hiromitsu Ono, Presidents Manji & Shuji Suzuki Suzuki Musical Instruments Kunio Miyauchi Hammond Organ USA and Suzuki Engineering Team & NAMM Organization for all the wonderful work this Team does in Music education and promoting international harmony folks, merci beaucoup..and thank you! Sincerely, Jon Hammond Hammond Organ USA Stand #5100 photos by Larry Gay of West Coast Live Radio Program - Scott May, Scott and Ellis Hall, Ellis and Steve Simmons, Jon Hammond at the new Hammond A-162 Console organ with powerful internal sound system, every living room and Church needs one! INTRODUCING THE A-162 | Hammond USA - ON THEIR 80th ANNIVERSARY, HAMMOND ORGAN RE-IMAGINES THE CLASSIC “A-100” Popular model retains the legendary sound at a budget price While the HAMMOND B-3 remains the world standard for Electronic Organs, its “little brother”, the model A-100, has its devotees as well. HAMMOND USA announces the release of the A-162, inspired by the original, which was released in 1960. The classic A-100 was a self-contained instrument needing no external speakers, providing the inimitable Hammond tone in a compact “footprint”, having all the features of the Hammond flagship, at a more modest price. The New Model A-162 continues that tradition. Using the same VASE III Tonal “Engine” as their top-of-the-line B-3mkII, the new A-162 gives all the power and sound expected from a Hammond, with the familiar reverse-key presets, Touch-Response Percussion, Chorus-Vibrato, and twin waterfall keyboards with 25-note pedalboard. The new A-162 features a powerful 150-watt onboard sound system with a compliment of five heavy duty speakers, one of which is a 15” woofer for rich pedal/bass tones. This system even surpasses the beloved antique A-100 with the inclusion of a state-of-the-art Digital Leslie™, a benefit not found on the original. The option remains, however, to attach a physical Leslie speaker to expand the tonal range, if necessary. The demand for the “vintage” Hammond Organ sound remains high, but the number of instruments from the 50’s and 60’s are rapidly diminishing, Hammond has mined its 80 year history to produce instruments that look, sound and perform like their beloved models, bypassing the complex mechanical apparatus of the past, executing their exact functions in the digital realm. This modern approach provides not only stability and confidence, but allows for precise control and extensive customization and adaptability. You can now “dial in” all the unique characteristics and intangibles that you desire in a Hammond Organ and Leslie. You can have the “A-100” you’ve always wanted. Its small “footprint” is perfect for smaller Churches, Chapels, Schools, Homes and Studios, and its affordable price is in everyone’s budget. The classic A-100 brought the Hammond magic to a wider audience, and the same spirit is alive in the technologically advanced A-162, providing all the stirring and traditional music Hammond is famous for. For 80 years, Hammond is the SOUND, the SOUL, the ONE!! Ryan Christopher Montaño, Joe Berger, Jon Hammond, Elliott Randall: Fun Session at HIWATT Amps Stand NAMM Show! ©Copyright Notice: These Photos of Jon Hammond Band are heavily copyrighted and embedded with i.d. information - Photographer Larry Gay and Jon Hammond Band must be credited and linked back if shared or used or you will certainly hear from us - enjoy, from Winter The NAMM Show Jon Hammond ©Copyright Notice: These Photos of Jon Hammond Band are heavily copyrighted and embedded with i.d. information - Photographer Larry Gay and Jon Hammond Band must be credited and linked back if shared or used or you will certainly hear from us - enjoy, from Winter The NAMM Show Aldo Salvent & Jon Hammond, Alex Mingmann & Jon Hammond - ©Copyright Notice: These Photos of Jon Hammond Band are heavily copyrighted and embedded with i.d. information - Photographer Larry Gay and Jon Hammond Band must be credited and linked back if shared or used or you will certainly hear from us - enjoy, from Winter The NAMM Show Jon Hammond Band image by Larry Gay of West Coast Live Radio Show LINK: Jon Hammond Band - Bernard Purdie, Dom Famularo, Joe Berger, Koei Tanaka, Alex Budman, Jon Hammond Clips WHITE ONIONS --BERNARD PURDIE PLAYS POCKET FUNK --DOM FAMULARO FEATURE HEAD PHONE Jon's archive Head Phone - Jon Hammond Band THE SOUND SOUL SUMMIT All-Star Jam Video Movie of Jon's Band Featuring Bernard Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, Alex Budman, Joe Berger2, Koei Tanaka, Jon Hammond Organ Group — with Stephen Fortner, Scott May, Joe Berger, Koei Tanaka and Jon Hammond at NAMM Anaheim Convention Center Hilton Anaheim Lobby Special Program on 80th Anniversary of Hammond Organ USA - Joe Lamond President CEO of NAMM presents special award to Mr. Shuji Suzuki President of Suzuki Musical Instruments Corp. makers of Hammond organ and Leslie speaker products on the occasion of 80th anniversary of Hammond organs - with Stephen Fortner of Keyboard Magazine and Gregg Grownowski of Hammond Suzuki USA also in photo - Jon Hammond Youtube Front of House / FOH Mix by Brian English - Denny Mack Audio - announcement - Stephen Fortner - Editor Keyboard Magazine Jon Hammond Organ Group *Note: "Head Phone" composed by Jon Hammond ©JON HAMMOND Intl. ASCAP recorded with Bernard Purdieoriginally on Jon's album Late Rent in year of 1989 - Big Special Thanks toJay Dittamo for standin' in the cuff for Bernard, thanks Jay! special thanks to Scott May and Gregg Gregory Gronowski - Hammond Suzuki Musical Instruments Team Mr. M. Terada, Shuji Suzuki, Yu Beniya, Shigeyuki Ohtaka, Jeff Guilford JJ Guitars UK — with Joe Berger, Alex Budman, Stephen Fortner,Jay Dittamo, Bernard Purdie, Denny Mack and Koei Tanaka at Hilton Anaheim Frankfurt musikmesse Prolight + Sound Power shots at The NAMM Show - less than one month until we will see us in Messe Frankfurt folks! Jon Hammond here with Wolfgang Lücke Director Musikmesse - photo credit Larry Gay of West Coast Live Radio Show Dear visitors, welcome to Musikmesse! Musikmesse 2014 - the international fair for musical instruments, sheet music, music production and music business connections. Musikmesse 2014 The Musikmesse, 12 to 15 march 2014, is the world's leading trade fair for the world of music. Here, you will find a complete range of products with everything required for making music, not to mention innumerable workshops, concerts, demonstrations and discussion events. NAMM, Memorial Tribute, Pocket Funk, Head Phone, Jon Hammond, Bernard Purdie, Joe Berger, Koei Tanaka, musikmesse, Funky Jazz, Blues, Hammond Organ, Local 802, Musicians Union, ASCAP

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