Wednesday, February 12, 2014

White Onions Brunch Set NAMM 2014

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: White Onions Brunch Set NAMM 2014 Jon's archive Jon Hammond Band performs funky jazz instrumental "White Onions" at the 2014 NAMM Show on Center Patio Stage brunch set with Dom Famularo drums, Koei Tanaka / 田中光栄 - fan site harmonica, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond organ - special thanks Bespeco Accessori, Jon is using the newest Italian designer keyboard stand and Fender Super Bassman amp for his Sk1 organ - Alex Budman is playing P.Mauriat / Pmauriat Albest tenor saxophone, Joe Berger plays JJ Guitars new model, Dom Famularo Sabian cymbals, Koei Tanaka harmonicas by Suzuki Musical Instruments ©JH INTL ASCAP Youtube LINK: NAMM Believe in Music Awards and Purdie Shuffle Jon Hammond Band *WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: NAMM Believe in Music Awards and Purdie Shuffle Joe Lamond President CEO of NAMM Organization presents Jon Hammond the prestigious Believe In Music Award at 2014 Winter NAMM Show Jon’s archive (Higher Quality) Anaheim CA: This film starts out at the annual NAMM Believe In Music Awards and immediately afterwards Jon Hammond ran to the Center Patio Stage for a Jon Hammond Band performance with the inventor of “The Purdie Shuffle” Bernard Purdie! Performance Info Location: Anaheim C.C.B/C Patio Stage Time: Saturday, January 25, 2014 - 11:00am to 12:00pm Genre: Rock Website: Facebook: Sunday Blues and Jazz Session Hammond NAMM 2014 Jon Hammond's traditional Sunday Blues and Jazz Session with good friends Koei Tanaka and Joe Berger at Hammond Organ USA Suzuki Musical Instruments *Video Forthcoming - good way to start the day! — at NAMM Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim CA -- Is that Stevie Wonder talking with organist Jon Hammond of Jon Hammond Band? Yes! Main Man Stevie in the house!! Jon's archive Head Phone - Jon Hammond Band THE SOUND SOUL SUMMIT All-Star Jam Video Movie of Jon's Band Featuring Bernard Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, Alex Budman, Joe Berger2, Koei Tanaka, Jon Hammond Organ Group — with Stephen Fortner, Scott May, Joe Berger, Koei Tanaka and Jon Hammond at NAMM Anaheim Convention Center Hilton Anaheim Lobby Special Program on 80th Anniversary of Hammond Organ USA - Joe Lamond President CEO of NAMM presents special award to Mr. Shuji Suzuki President of Suzuki Musical Instruments Corp. makers of Hammond organ and Leslie speaker products on the occasion of 80th anniversary of Hammond organs - with Stephen Fortner of Keyboard Magazine and Gregg Grownowski of Hammond Suzuki USA also in photo - Jon Hammond Youtube Front of House / FOH Mix by Brian English - Denny Mack Audio - announcement - Stephen Fortner - Editor Keyboard Magazine Jon Hammond Organ Group *Note: "Head Phone" composed by Jon Hammond ©JON HAMMOND Intl. ASCAP recorded with Bernard Purdieoriginally on Jon's album Late Rent in year of 1989 - Big Special Thanks toJay Dittamo for standin' in the cuff for Bernard, thanks Jay! special thanks to Scott May and Gregg Gregory Gronowski - Hammond Suzuki Musical Instruments Team Mr. M. Terada, Shuji Suzuki, Yu Beniya, Shigeyuki Ohtaka, Jeff Guilford JJ Guitars UK — with Joe Berger, Alex Budman, Stephen Fortner,Jay Dittamo, Bernard Purdie, Denny Mack and Koei Tanaka at Hilton Anaheim SOUND SOUL SUMMIT 2014•SHOW RUNNING ORDER•12 Jan 2014 
1.BRIAN AUGER AND OBLIVION EXPRESS Tune:TBD Keys:BRIAN AUGER (B3) Bass/Karma Auger:Drums/Guitar/Vocal 2.BILLY PRESTON TRIBUTE “Will It Go ‘Round In Circles” Keys:GARY SWAN (B3) / J.T. THOMAS (SK88) bringing own band TBD 3.JIMMY SMITH TRIBUTE “The Sermon” Keys REV. JIMMIE SMITH (sk2) / JIM ALFREDSON (B3) / RON OSWANSKI (sk88) Jay:Drums/Ron:Guitar 4.BILL CHAMPLIN “Turn Your Love Around” Keys: BILL CHAMPLIN (B3) / DAVID ROSENTHAL (SK88) Mike:Drums/Leo: Bass/Jack: Guitar/Terry Lawless:Sax 5.THE JON HAMMOND QUARTET Tune:TBD Keys:JON HAMMOND (B3) Bernard Purdie:Drums/Joe Berger:Guitar/TBA:Sax 6.KEITH EMERSON “Au Private” Keys: KEITH EMERSON (B3) Jay:Drums/Leo:Bass/Terry Lawless:Sax Guitar? 7:CHICAGO ALL-STARS “Mercy Mercy Mercy” Keys: C.J. VANSTON (B3)/ALAN HEWITT (SK2)/SCOTT MAY (SK88) Vocals:DENNIS TUFANO / TOM “TOAD” DOODY Brandon Bailey:Harmonica/Mike:Drums/Leo:Bass/Jack:Guitar 8:RYO OKUMOTO Tune:TBD Keys: Ryo Okumoto (TBD) Koei Tanaka: Harmonica/Jay:Drums/Leo:Bass/Ron:Guitar 9:REVENGE OF THE KEYBOARD ROCKERS “Free Bird” Keys: PETER KEYS (SK88)/TERRY LAWLESS (Sk2)/DAVID ROSENTHAL (B3) Vocals:ALEX NESTER Mike:Drums/Leo:Bass/Jack:Guitar Anaheim California -- Jay Dittamo and Jon Hammond - Jay, your playing last night was magnificent and impeccable!! Many many thanks and thanks to Joe Berger for bringing you in on Hammond Organ USA summit gig this year and last year! Wonderful musician Jay!! c u in a minute, Jon (this was at the Hammond Meet and Greet party before we hit folks, wow cool!) — with Jay Dittamo at Hilton Anaheim Sabian Cymbals, Dom Famularo, Bernard Purdie, NAMM Show, Jon Hammond, Funky Jazz, ASCAP, Joe Lamond, Believe in Music, Local 802, Musicians Union, Fender Super Bassman, Bespeco, Keyboard Stand

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