Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Head Phone OZZtosh Stand Summer NAMM Show Nashville Tennessee

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Head Phone OZZtosh Stand Summer NAMM Show Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/HeadPhoneOZZtoshStandSummerNAMM OZZtosh Guitars Stand at Summer NAMM Nashville Tennessee - Jon Hammond and Joe Berger jamming for friends on the tune "Head Phone" from Jon Hammond Band Repertoire through 2 classic amps, Jon's organ through an Ampeg B-15 bass amp and Joe is playing the OZZtosh through a classic Fender - fine people making fine instruments with space age aluminum construction! http://www.ozztosh.com/ - thanks very much Barbara & Brian Ostosh & Nickolas Butterfield - The NAMM Show — at Nashville Music City Center STOLEN: #REPOST #SHARE #HELPFIND 07.20.2014 in the early hours between 12am-8am. 2 ALUMINUM BASS Guitars stolen from a car in the parking-lot at the Club Hotel Inn & Suites 2435 Atrium Way Nashville, TN 37214 at the end of the NAMM Convention. ALERT as many people with the use of SOCIAL MEDIA. KINDLY HELP US RECOVER our hard work! #SHARE #REPOST Sincerely, Brian Ostosh & Barbara Rospond #sharethis #summernamm #2014namm #stolengear #stolenbass #helpfind #crime Party Barge has left - James Preston R.I.P. drums with Jon Hammond and Terry Haggerty LINK: http://youtu.be/inzkjTzdecs Thanks for all the great hits JP!! Remembering James Preston here: Fun in the Sun and Water on the Lake with Jon Hammond at the XB-2 organ, James Preston drums and Terry Haggerty original guitarist of Sons of Champlin band (Marin County CA) playing Jon's tune "Turkey Dog Saute" powered by a generator cruising on a nice day, enjoy! — with Jon Hammond, James Preston and Terry Haggerty at Lake Berryessa I like how Jimmy wore his Tie-dye Peace Symbol shirt in to AFN Radio when we did the live broadcast on the powerful military station world-wide in March of 1994 - you will be / are greatly missed James Preston! Funky drummer, the hits are still going on - still reeling from the sad news he has passed a couple of days ago folks - Jon Hammond *Actual Broadcast on AFN from Frankfurt Headquarters: LINK: http://youtu.be/S1DXhw1z_rc "This remarkable film documents 3/17 1994 AFN POWERLITE Show live broadcast of JON HAMMOND Band playing and talking on-air with host MARGIE GLAD "The Voice of AFN Europe" 871AM MW at that time. First-ever public performance of original composition "Nu Funk" ("Hip Hop Chitlins"). The broadcast was heard world-wide and recorded and later released on Jon Hammond's album "Late Rent". James Preston of band Sons of Champlin drums, Barry Finnerty gtr., Jon Hammond XB-2 organ/bass Joe Berger audio."... — with James Preston in Frankfurt, Germany Grieving the death of James Preston today - I started playing music with James when I was 15 years old in 1968. I did some of my most important hits in my life with Jim over the years, including a live world-wide broadcast on AFN the military power radio network from Frankfurt headquarters http://youtu.be/S1DXhw1z_rc - The Fillmore, opening up for The Sons on June 4th of 1999 http://youtu.be/NdR8LvyBX2w Shoreline Amphitheatre http://youtu.be/zjzDLUmUpsUhttp://youtu.be/570UApnn_cQ San Francisco City Hall http://youtu.be/SaVA_gA5IXo http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jon_Hammond_at_1965_Hammond_B3_Organ_in_concert_San_Francisco_City_Hall.jpg Jimmy had a natural feel and high level of god-given talent, one of the funkiest drummers ever came out of the Bay Area and fierce in his convictions, I will greatly miss him! - sincerely, Jon Hammond Rest in Peace Jimmy!! Sending my deepest and sincerest condolences to the Preston Family and all the Sons of Champlin musicians - friends and musicians who've played with Jim over the years. - JH / Jon Hammond Band / Jon Hammond Organ Group — with James Preston and Jon Hammond at San Francisco City Hall. OZZtosh, Electric guitars, Stolen report, James Preston, R.I.P., NAMM Show, AFN Radio, Jon Hammond, Drums, Organ, Funky drums, Tighten up, ASCAP Composer

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