Sunday, February 15, 2015

LATE RENT Sunday Morning NAMM Show Session

LATE RENT Sunday Morning NAMM Session

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: LATE RENT Sunday Morning NAMM Session Jon's archive Jon Hammond and Friends playing Jon's theme song "Late Rent" at The NAMM Show, Jon's annual Sunday Morning NAMM Session in the Hammond Suzuki NAMM Booth - Joe Berger guitar, Koei Tanaka chromatic Suzuki harmonica, Chuggy Carter percussion, Jon Hammond at the Sk1 Hammond organ *Note Jon is playing through a new stationary Leslie speaker product which I've been told not to mention the model number but you can find it for sale already at B3 Guys and some other Hammond dealers folks - 32nd year of The Jon Hammond Show on cable access TV and 29th NAMM Show, Joe Berger has done more than 29 - next stop: Frankfurt musikmesse #NAMMShow #HammondOrgan Leslie L-2215, Hammond Digital Leslie pedal, G Pedal, ©JON HAMMOND International ASCAP Youtube Dailymotion Vimeo CNN iReport Jon Hammond Band Facebook



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