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Manhattan Cable TV MCTV Jon Hammond Show Late Fri night Just Before Robin Byrd same time 33rd year Channel C Channel D Channel J

*WATCH CABLE TV PROGRAM HERE: Jon Hammond Show Jon's archive Manhattan Cable TV MCTV Jon Hammond Show Late Fri night Just Before Robin Byrd same time 33rd year Channel C Channel D Channel J "Taking over control of your TV sets (and now computers) for this little 28 minute pack here." The Jon Hammond Show one of the original late night Manhattan Cable TV Shows on for years, now kicking off 33rd year on same time slot at 1:30 AM which is the original time slot Jon Hammond began on then Channel C leading in to Robin Byrd's show which came on at 2AM - the only other surviving MCTV Cable Access Producer pioneer Harold Hudson Channer appears on this segment - Harold is perhaps the only public access TV host who has been on longer than Jon Hammond continuously. MCTV has since morphed in to MNN TV / Manhattan Neighborhood Network. Jon Hammond Show continues broadcasting every late Friday night / early Saturday morning at 1:30 AM on Channel 1 MNN TV - the show has traveled all over the world, known for the Video by LORI video art synchronized with original music, funky jazz blues and rock - the talking foot footage originally was the only way you could see television host and organist Jon Hammond. Later on Jon was picked by SONY Broadcast to take an original prototype Sony Betacam in to field testing, early camcorder footage when still only available on the grey market - Jon Hammond Show also showed 80 times daily on the very first large outdoor TV Screen in Times Square, the Mitsubishi Diamond Vision screen daily for 2 years including the psychedelic countdown to new years seen all over the world with Video by LORI Art 1984 - 1985 - the weekly broadcasts on Channel C, Channel D MCTV Public Access and paid access Channel J began on February 2nd 1984 - Theme song for Jon's show is known all over the world "Late Rent" - now the show streams worldwide in addition to broadcasting on all 3 cable networks in Manhattan and the Bronx. Stay tuned, kicking off year 33 folks! Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Topics MNNTV, MCTV, Jon Hammond Show, HammondCast, KYOU Radio, B3 organ, XB-2, XK-3c, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Blues, Local 802 Musicians Union MNNTV The Jon Hammond Show as seen on Jon Hammond's long running cable access TV show now on MNNTV Manhattan Neighborhood Network in New York City 27th year. This episode is a classic with Jon Hammond and band in Moscow Russia playing jazz ballad Easy Living with Igor Butman sax and Eduard Zizak drums, Jon Hammond at the organ. Tim Cain "Shadow Walk" with visuals by Eduardo Gutekunst. Jon Hammond with his studio band of Steve Ferrone, Todd Anderson, Barry Finnerty "Lydia's Tune" by Jon Hammond at the B3 organ. Jon Hammond in Frankfurt Germany with Tony Lakatos tenor sax, Giovanni Guilino drum, Joe Berger guitar "Melody Without Name" Jon Hammond' theme song is entitled LATE RENT with Video By LORI © JOn Hammond Intl. MNNTV, MCTV, Jon Hammond Show, HammondCast, KYOU Radio, B3 organ, XB-2, XK-3c, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Blues, Local 802 Musicians Union #CNNiReport Uploaded by laterent Jon's archive Jon Hammond Show on Manhattan Neighborhood Network Ch. 1 late Friday nights / early Sat. 1:30 AM Eastern Standard time 28 minutes - with Val Hal Jazz Pub historic audio recording when I played on Count Basie's original model A Hammond organ when subbing for Don Patterson - also Jones for Johnson classic Jon Hammond Show recording - Late Rent theme song outro Jon Hammond Dance Party! — at AFM - American Federation of Musicians. Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Topics Cable Access TV, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, model A, #HammondOrgan #CNNiReport The Water Boys! L to R Jon Hammond, Alex Budman, Michael Falkenstein, Brian Auger, Karma Auger, Donny Baldwin - The NAMM Show Jon Hammond Band with Donny Baldwin on the band just after we played a NAMM Showcase Jon Hammond Funk Unit Location: NAMM Sheraton Acoustic Stage Event Date: Thursday, January 21, 2016 - 9:00pm to 9:40pm Add to Calendar Artist Info Jon Hammond Organ / Organist Leader Joe Berger guitar / guitarist Performance Info Jon Hammond's Breakfast of Champions! Organ Meets Bigband - in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Rostock NAMM Breakfast of Champions with Betty Heywood NAMM Director of International Affairs & Jon Hammond bright and early Day 1 Oslo Norway -- flanked by Jan Grindheim and Kevin Gallagher in front of Oslo City Hall - LINK: 06 A special visit with Lord Mayor of Oslo Per Ditlev-Simonsen in Oslo Norway on Jon Hammond's HammondCast Show Bill Graham Presents' Peter Barsotti Here in Free Poetry Jam With Organist Jon Hammond Groveland CA Jon's archive Youtube CNN iReport Vimeo by Jon Hammond Published July 20, 2015 Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Topics Peter Barsotti, Bill Graham Presents, Grateful Dead, #DeadHeads Poetry Jam, Groveland CA, The Iron Door Saloon, Golf Tournament, Eddie Money, Bettike Barsotti, #HammondOrgan Jon Hammond Groveland California -- Peter Barsotti and Jon Hammond Free Form Poetry Organ Jam - October 28, 2003 - dedicated to Bettike Barsotti and The Barsotti Family, The Iron Door Saloon Team, BGP Bill Graham Presents & Grateful Dead extended Family and some of the worst golf players I ever saw Eddie Money and the boys, but raised money for Tioga High School folks - in memory of Peter & Bettike Barsotti, Honorable Judge Mario and Mrs. Barsotti - sincerely, Jon Hammond - Keep the Spirit! - keywords: Peter Barsotti, Bettike Barsotti, The Iron Door Saloon, Grateful Dead, Bill Graham Presents, Lazarus, #HammondOrgan #Poetry Eddie Money, Tioga High School, Golf Tournament Producer Jon Hammond Bullet Point: Programm 2015 “Organ meets Bigband” feat. Jon Hammond (organ) das LaJazzO MV Aktuelle Termine Sommerarbeitsphase 26.07. – 02.08.2015 Klanghaus Projektleitung: Christine Unger & Franziska Maczkowicz Mentoren künstlerische Leitung: Michael Leuschner, Hamburg - foto Tini Unger Saxophonsection: Edgar Herzog, Hamburg - foto Hendryk Wörlitz Posaunensection: Andreas Barkhoff, Hannover Rhythmussection: Lorenz Bösche, Hamburg Trompetensection: Bob Lanese, Hamburg "Wir danken der Firma 4 Heads aus Berlin für die finanzielle Unterstützung der Probenphase." 3.07.2015 Eldenaer Jazz Evenings „Von Coleman Hawkins bis Michael Brecker“ feat. Lutz Büchner, sax 30.07.2015 Zeughaus Wismar „Organ meets Bigband“ feat. Jon Hammond 31.07.2015 Burg Penzlin im Rahmen der Festspiele M-V „Organ meets Bigband“ feat. Jon Hammond 01.08.2015 Inselfest Poel „Organ meets Bigband“ feat. Jon Hammond 01.08.2015 Rostock Klostergarten „Organ meets Bigband“ feat. Jon Hammond Programm 2015 “Organ meets Bigband” feat. Jon Hammond (organ) Nachdem sich in den vergangenen Jahren das LaJazzO MV mit den in der Big Band vorkommenden Instrumenten musikalisch auseinandersetzte, wird in 2015 die Jazzorgel musikalisch thematisiert werden. Unter dem Titel "Organ meets Big Band" wird dieses sehr traditionsreiche Instrument der Jazzgeschichte in den Mittelpunkt der Konzertreihe im folgenden Jahr gestellt. Als Jazzinstrument wurde es von Fats Waller in den 30er Jahren eingeführt und hatte seine Hochzeit in den 50er Jahren durch seine Vertreter wie Jimmy Smith. Der international renommierte New Yorker Jazzorganist Jon Hammond wird zusammen mit dem LaJazzO MV unter der Leitung von Michael Leuschner den besonderen Charme dieses Instrumentes wieder zum Leben erwecken. Jon Hammond studierte in den siebzieger Jahren am Berklee College of Music und am City College San Francisco. Konzertreisen führten ihn quer durch die Vereinigten Staaten und Kanada. In seiner eigenen 'Jon Hammond Show' spielte er mit Musikern wie Dizzy Gillespie, Paul Butterfield, Jaco Pastorius, John Entwistle, Sammy Davis Jr., Percy Sledge und vielen anderen. Auch in Europa fand und findet seine Musik unverändert viele Anhänger. Die Medien berichten wiederholt von einem unverwechselbaren und prägenden Sound. Jon Hammond hat u.a. auf der 20. Frankfurter Musikmesse mitgewirkt und tritt vornehmlich in Hamburg auf. "The Jon Hammond Show" is a funky, swinging Jazz instrumental revue, featuring notable international soloists and reflecting the influences of Miles Davis, The Crusaders and Jimmy Smith. Im Programm (aus dem Archiv der NDR Bigband) The Sermon by Jimmy Smith, arr. Steve Grey Back at the Chicken Shack by Jimmy Smith, arr. Steve Grey Things ain’t what they used to be by Mercer Ellington, arr. Steve Grey Walk on the Wild Side by Elmar Bernstein, arr. Steve Grey Satin Doll by Duke Ellington/Billy Strayhorn, arr. Steve Grey Bandrepertoire (Auszug) All the Things you are by Jerome Kern, arr. Stan Kenton Always and Forever by Pat Metheny, arr. Bob Curnow Boulder Buff by F. Normann / Eugene Novello Breakthrough by John Fedchock Critic’s Choice by Oliver Nelson Here comes Julian by Heiner Wiberny, arr. Peter Herbolzheimer Incredible Journey by Bob Mintzer Stella by Starlight by Ned Washington/Victor Young, arr. Bill Holman Tow away zone by Thad Jones, arr. Mike Carubia You go to my head by Gillespie/Coots, arr. Bill Holman Jon's archive Youtube by Jon Hammond Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Topics LaJazzO MV, #HammondOrgan #Bigband Jon Hammond #NDR NDR Jazz, Hamburg, Rostock, B3 organ, Sk1, Steve Gray, Arrangements Jon's archive Bullet Point Recap 2015 kicking off 2016 - Jon Hammond #BulletPoint Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Topics Head Phone, Sennheiser, Superlux, Meetinghouse Jazz Orchestra, Todd Anderson, Bob Rosen, Jon Hammond, Horn Section, Funky Jazz, Friends Seminary, #HammondOrgan #HeadPhones Photo courtesy of Elmar Lemes ©Elmar Lemes #ElmarLemes "Head Phone" was written by organist Jon Hammond​ and Arranged by Todd Anderson​ - Podcast of Session with Meetinghouse Jazz Orchestra from the inner sanctum of Friends Seminary​, 230 year old school K-12 on Manhattan's East Side - Bob Rosen​ presiding over the Music Department. On guitar David Acker​, drums Mike Campenni, Greg Ruvolo​ trumpet, Jim Piela saxophone, Pat Hall, Art Baron​, Alfredo Marques​ trombones, Charles Lee alto, more names coming! ©JON HAMMOND International ASCAP - Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM​ - AFM Local 6​ - TV Producers of Manhattan Neighborhood Network [MNN]​ Manhattan Neighborhood Network​ Producer Jon Hammond Language English Jon's archive Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Topics: Al Jazzbeaux Collins, Documentary, Jon Hammond, Movie, Jazz 91, Mississippi Mud, Jazzbo Collins, WNEW 1130 AM, Jazz Radio, #HammondOrgan Priceless documentary film of Al Jazzbeaux Collins aka Al Jazzbo Collins, by Jon Hammond - enjoy folks! - JH: The late great radio and TV broadcaster personality Al Jazzbeaux Collins in the studios of KCSM Jazz 91 with organist Jon Hammond - aka Al Jazzbo Collins, one of the greatest and most definitely coolest broadcasters who ever lived. *Note: I dearly miss Jazzbeaux, he was a huge inspiration to me personally. He broke out my music on the air back in New York on WNEW 1130AM huge powerful door he opened for me, we had a lot of fun together on both coasts - he introduced me to folks like Lionel Hampton, David Panama Francis, Lew Anderson band leader and Clarabell the Clown from It's Howdy Doody Time! TV Show, Joe Bushkin pianist, and his Family the Collins Family - he knew every door man garbage man and taxi drivers on the street - rest in peace Albert! sincerely, Jon Hammond *including a clip from Live performance in Horizons Sausalito with funky James Preston drums on Jon Hammond Band Albert Richard "Jazzbo" Collins (born January 4, 1919, Rochester, New York[1] — d. September 30, 1997, Marin County, California) was an American disc jockey, radio personality and recording artist who was briefly the host of NBC television's Tonight show in 1957. Jon Hammond, Archive, Jazz, Blues, Soft News, #B3 #HammondOrgan #MCTV #NAMMShow #musikmesse

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