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R.I.P. Paul Kantner folks! Jon Hammond Here is my Paul Kantner story:

R.I.P. Paul Kantner folks! Jon Hammond Here is my Paul Kantner story: I first met Paul when working on volunteer Staff of Berkeley Folk Festival for Barry Olivier​ when they debuted in July of 1966 in Pauley Ballroom in the UC Student Union Building - this was when Signe Anderson / Signe Toly Anderson​ was the lead singer before Grace joined the band. Paul always burned incense on top of his amplifier in an incense burner and the smoke wafted around and 'smelled like a Jefferson Airplane​ concert' - the band had a big influence on me personally and for a long time I used to also burn the incense on top of my amp, I had a universal multi-plug adaptor that I traveled all over the world with and I used to stick the incense sticks in there - some of the plastic melted but that went around with me for a long time. I would run in to Paul in the strangest places over the years - one time I was in line next to him at the Marin Civic Center to pay speeding tickets - Paul was telling me he got a speeding ticket driving his Porsche on 101. I asked him if he was playing anywhere and he told me - if you really want to hear me play come to Golden Gate Park next Saturday and he had been watching my cable TV show on Viacom Channels 36 and 25, he said bring your cameras and you'll know where we are playing if you drive up Fulton Street until you hear the music. So in those days we had really heavy field equipment, Lazy Larry (Lawrence Fredson​) came with me in my 1968 Buick WIldcat Sedan and we drove up Fulton St. with the window open. Finally I heard some music and I said: "Lazy, there's the music!" so we loaded out the gear and trudged through the park towards the music...closer and closer we got, we came through an opening and there was an African American guy on roller skates with a giant boom box and he was skating to the music...damn, that wasn't it! So back to the car with the heavy gear...we drove further on Fulton St., and then I heard the music! This time we were in the right place - it was the KBC Band "Kantner Balin Casady" - I filmed it for my cable access show *WATCH THE FILM HERE: JON HAMMOND Show (Vintage) Jon's archive JON HAMMOND Show (Vintage) *CLIP: JON HAMMOND Show (Vintage) - now we are in our 33rd year by the way. So that was very cool! Great show, just like the old days (then, now then is the old days to now!) - Then very often I would run in to Paul at Caffe Trieste in North Beach San Francisco - it was our mutual morning hang. Paul came in there almost every morning to smoke cigs, read the SF Chronicle and drink strong coffee. In later years he would sit outside, even on cold mornings so he could smoke the cigs. People mostly left him alone, he would speak when spoken too but he was pretty absorbed in the morning paper. The stills on this photo collage I just created are from the KBC concert I filmed in Golden Gate Park, Paul at the Trieste typical morning appearance - and at the now defunct Yoshi's SF where he appeared on a fund raiser for CHRS / California Historical Radio Society​ of which I am a member. Paul Kantner will be greatly missed! He was a huge rock icon of the San Francisco Rock scene - really the founder of the whole Folk Rock Movement - he was very humble about his large body of musical work. He once told me, "I'm not really a guitar player, I'm a writer" Rest in Peace Paul, sincerely, Jon Hammond​ Photos ©JON HAMMOND International - above Paul Kantner and Marty Balin - KBC Band - Golden Gate Park circa 1984 and below Lazy Larry (Lawrence Fredson) watching KBC Band concert Lazy Larry(Lawrence Fredson​) checking out the KBC Band​ - that being Paul Kantner​, (R.I.P. Paul) Marty Balin and bassist Jack Casady original members of Jefferson Airplane​ - Slick Aguilar - Lead Guitar - 1984 Golden Gate Park, Jon Hammond​ JON HAMMOND Show *as seen for 33 years on Time Warner & MCTV not MNN TV in New York City. This classic clip includes Jon's signature tune "Late Rent" ... all » with Video by LORI and old footage of original members of Jefferson Airplane and Terry Haggerty of Sons of Champlin. Enjoy! *Note: See you at musikmesse and Prolight + Sound 2016! Frankfurt am Main -- See you at musikmesse and Prolight + Sound​ 2016! Don't forget your hat...and your Sennheiser​ headphones folks! Be there...or be Square - my 30th musikmesse​ - Jon Hammond​ Thursday 7 April to Sunday 10 April 2016, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. open daily for Trade and Private visitors More than 30.000 instruments shown in seven exhibition halls Outdoor area with festival atmosphere: Stages, Foodtrucks and more More than 1,000 events and concerts Hall plan of Musikmesse 2016: Hall 8.0 - Classic meets Acoustic Hall 9.0 - Classic meets Keys Hall 9.1 - Electro meets Recording Hall 10.2 - Classic meets Jazz Hall 11.0 - Rock meets Pop Galleria - Education meets Fun Hall 11.1 - Exclusive area for trade visitors Exclusive area for trade visitors musikmesse Warm Up Party mp4 video:'s%20musikmesse%20Warm%20Up%20Party%20jazzkeller.mp4 Jon's archive by Jon Hammond *Note: This year Jon's annual musikmesse Warm Up Party in jazzkeller will be Tuesday night / Dienstag abend 5 April 2016 Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 FULL HIGH DEFINITION VERSION 29th Year! Jon Hammond's musikmesse Warm Up Party jazzkeller - Big Special Thanks to my good friend Saray Pastanesi for absolute Masterpiece Birthday & 29th musikmesse Chocolate Chocolate cake!! It was delicious, every morsel was consumed and enjoyed!!! Jon Hammond / Jon Hammond Band DIENSTAG, 14.4. ROCK | POP | JAZZ Journal Frankfurt im aktuellen Journal Frankfurt Journalkalender 1 JAZZ/BLUES/FOLK Jon Hammond & Band Wer zählt noch mit ... Mal ernsthaft: der Mann, der so heißt wie sein Instrument, ist zum 29. Mal zur Musikmesse „Warm Up Party”. 21:00, Ffm: Jazzkeller, Kleine Bockenheimer Straße 18a Facebook Jon Hammond - organ Joe Berger - guitar Peter Klohmann - saxophone Giovanni Gulino - drums Mr. Hammond has toured worldwide since 1991 using the incredible Sk1 organ by Hammond Suzuki..™ "Classic Hammond Sound...In A Suitcase!" The Jon Hammond Show is a funky swinging instrumental revue, featuring top international soloists. The show has universal appeal. Big Hammond orgel sound - 100% organic - Jon Hammond Organ Group #CableAccess #HammondOrgan #Blues #Jazz #Musikmesse2015 Producer Jon Hammond Language English Jon's archive CNN iReport Youtube Producer Tino's Hammond Organ 80th Anniversary Film Documentary Trailer: Tino Pavlis - by Jon Hammond Published August 13, 2015 Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Topics Hammond Organs, 80th Anniversary Hammond Organ, Tino Pavlis, Producer, Co-Producer, Joe Berger, Jon Hammond, NAMM Show, musikmesse, Suzuki Musical Instruments, Hamamatsu, B3, New B3mk2, Sk1, #HammondOrgan #80thAnniversary Tino's Hammond Organ 80th Anniversary Film Documentary Trailer with cameo appearances Michael Falkenstein, Joe Berger, Jon Hammond, Shuji Suzuki and Suzuki Musical Instuments Hammond Organ Team, Bernie Capicchiano Bernies Music Land Australia Hammond Distributor, Jon Hammond's annual musikmesse Warm Up Party in world famous historic jazzkeller Frankfurt - Outro music "Organ Meets Bigband" Jon Hammond with Landesjugendjazzorchester LaJazzO MV orchestra - Director/Producer: Tino Pavlis, co-producer Joe Berger Producer Jon Hammond Language English Jon's archive by Jon Hammond Published August 8, 2015 Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Topics LaJazzO MV, Organ Meets Bigband, Klostergarten, Rostock, Jazz Orchestra, Jimmy Smith, Steve Gray, Michael Leuschner, Landesjugendorchester Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, #HammondOrgan #Jazz #Blues „Organ meets Bigband“ das LaJJazzO M-V LandesJugendJazzOrchester Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Am 01.08.2015 ist das Landesjugendjazzorchester Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (LaJazzO MV) mit seinem diesjährigen Solisten Jon Hammond wieder im Klostergarten Rostock zu Gast. Covering Jimmy Smith's Back at The Chicken Shack and The Sermon - Nachdem sich in den vergangenen Jahren das LaJazzO MV mit den in der Big Band vorkommenden Instrumenten musikalisch auseinandersetzte, wird in 2015 die Jazzorgel musikalisch thematisiert werden. Unter dem Titel "Organ meets Big Band" wird dieses sehr traditionsreiche Instrument der Jazzgeschichte in den Mittelpunkt der Konzertreihe im folgenden Jahr gestellt. Als Jazzinstrument wurde es von Fats Waller in den 30er Jahren eingeführt und hatte seine Hochzeit in den 50er Jahren durch seine Vertreter wie Jimmy Smith. Der international renommierte New Yorker Jazzorganist Jon Hammond wird zusammen mit dem LaJazzO MV unter der Leitung von Michael Leuschner den besonderen Charme dieses Instrumentes wieder zum Leben erwecken. Im Programm sind unter anderem Titel von Jimmy Smith, arrangiert von Steve Gray - eine Leihgabe aus dem Archiv der NDR-Bigband. Jon Hammond studierte in den siebziger Jahren am Berklee College of Music und am City College San Francisco. Konzertreisen führten ihn quer durch die Vereinigten Staaten und Kanada. In seiner eigenen 'Jon Hammond Show' spielte er mit Musikern wie Dizzy Gillespie, Paul Butterfield, Jaco Pastorius, John Entwistle, Sammy Davis Jr., Percy Sledge und vielen anderen. Auch in Europa fand und findet seine Musik unverändert viele Anhänger. Die Medien berichten wiederholt von einem unverwechselbaren und prägenden Sound. Jon Hammond hat u.a. auf der 20. Frankfurter Musikmesse mitgewirkt und tritt vornehmlich in Hamburg auf. "The Jon Hammond Show" is a funky, swinging Jazz instrumental revue, featuring notable international soloists and reflecting the influences of Miles Davis, The Crusaders and Jimmy Smith. Programm: "Organ meets Bigband" Leitung: Michael Leuschner Samstag, d. 01.08.2015, 20:30 Klostergarten Rostock Producer Jon Hammond Language English Facebook video Youtube Vimeo CNN iReport Leader Michael Leuschner and Jon Hammond with the famous poster for "Organ Meets Bigband" - NDR Jazz archives special arrangements of Steve Gray come back to life here: Jon's archive Youtube Published July 24, 2015 Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Topics Broadcasting, Public Access, Cable Access, MCTV, Manhattan Neighborhood network, #HammondOrgan Dave Van Ronk, Michael Brecker #MichaelBrecker #BarryFinnerty #musikmesse Alan Pasqua - It's my tune dammit...Late Rent - theme song Jon Hammond Show MNN TV 33rd year Paul Kantner, R.I.P., Berkeley Folk Festival, Barry Olivier, #JeffersonAirplane #HammondCast #CableTV #CNNiReport

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