Thursday, September 8, 2016

Wow folks, I was there! Jon Hammond reflections on Wild West Festival at Tom Donahue Press Conference KQED

Wow folks, I was there! This was very nearly the biggest Rock Music Festival that almost happened - it was very close. I went to many meetings with Ron Polte and a lot of very heavy San Francisco Rock bands were down to play the "Wild West Festival" (1969) Posters were already made up, we had meetings in the Zoetrope building now owned by Francis Ford Coppola and The Straight Theatre on Haight Street - Ron Polte was part owner of Straight Theatre in addition to being the manager of Quicksilver Messenger Service, Ace of Cups and for a time Sons of Champlin as well. I highly recommend watching and listening to this very rare footage of the press conference with Big Daddy Tom Donahue speaking about the project - Jon Hammond *long-time member Local 6 Musicians Union (but not then!) *LINK: **From KQED piece: " KQED News report from 1969 featuring a press conference by Tom Donahue (1928-75), who discusses the Wild West Rock Festival that was to have taken place in Golden Gate Park but was cancelled due to protests by locals. Donahue believes that even though the concert never happened, this was a positive experience for the San Francisco community. He states that: "We also felt that a great deal of the good things that have come out of the artistic community in this country have originated in San Francisco. That it's a starting point. Thay may sound chauvanistic but I also think it's the truth." Ends with brief comments from another spokesman, who refers to the "unecessary and ... unwarranted paranoia" that the Wild West project had to deal with. It is worth noting that Donahue was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 as a non-peformer, one of only three disc jockeys to receive that honor to date (2011). Tags: golden gate park, kqn 486, news cameras, rock concerts, ron polte, tom donahue, wild west festival Added to San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive on November 18, 2011. " Tom Donahue on the Wild West Festival (1969) - San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive
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Tom Donahue on the Wild West Festival (1969) (Updated over a year ago)


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