Monday, November 7, 2016

Musical Instruments Fair Japan NO X CESS BAGGAGE BLUES In Suzuki Musical Instruments Stand XK5

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Musical Instruments Fair Japan NO X CESS BAGGAGE BLUES In Suzuki Musical Instruments Stand XK5 Jon's archive Youtube Vimeo Facebook video Musical Instruments Fair Japan NO X-CESS BAGGAGE BLUES in Suzuki Musical Instruments Stand XK-5 - Musicians: Koei Tanaka chromatic harmonica, Joe Berger guitar, Takano Naoyuki tenor saxophone, Jon Hammond playing the new XK-5 Hammond Heritage Pro System organ XK5 Heritage Pro System • XK5, XLK5 lower manual, new Pro Bench (BK), new Pro Stand (BK) • XPK250BK Pedalboard “THE NEW ORIGINAL” - Tokyo Big Sight — at Tokyo Big Sight. Musicians: Koei Tanaka chromatic harmonica, Joe Berger guitar, Takano Naoyuki tenor saxophone, Jon Hammond playing the new XK-5 Hammond Heritage Pro System organ: Producer Jon Hammond Language English H.264 download download 1 file MPEG4 download download 1 file OGG VIDEO download download 1 file TORRENT download download 18 Files download 5 Original Tokyo Big Sight, Musical Instruments Fair Japan, XK5 Pro System, XK-5 Hammond Organ, B3, XK5, Blues Band, Jazz Music, Tenor Saxophone, Joe Berger, Electric Guitar, Chromatic Harmonica Master, Koei Tanaka, Suzuki Musical Instruments, The New Original Yeah man! Like President Obama says: "Fire it Up!" Tokyo Big Sight, I'm back in town and not messin' around - fired up after falling in line with my dear serious music friends right here, L to R Koei Tanaka​, Joe Berger​, Jon Hammond​, Waichiro Tachikawa​ rallying around the new XK-5 Organ at Musical Instruments Fair Japan - Fire it Up folks! The new standard, moving in to the future...hammer down on the XK5 Hammond organ Heritage Pro System, better than a B3 and it won't break your back - welcome to the future! - Jon Hammond Big Thank You Yu Beniya Suzuki Musical Instruments Team for this beautiful photo: On-Air with Stanley and Chris of Tokyo Guitar Show #TokyoGuitarShow - huge honor to go on-the-air there with Stanley and Chris at the 2016 Japan Musical Instruments Fair in Tokyo Big SIght! - Joe Berger Jon Hammond - , thanks Yu! - Tokyo Big Sight! My new youngest organ student on the new XK-5 Hammond organ, I showed him how to do 'The Claw' - sub-in training! At Japan Music Fair, Tokyo Big Sight Japan - Jon Hammond - Suzuki Musical Instruments Jon Hammond & Manji Suzuki President Founder of Suzuki Musical Instruments Tokyo Japan -- Meeting the Hammond XK-5 Heritage Pro System Organ rig for Japan Musical Instrument Fair in Suzuki Musical Instruments, better than an old B3 folks! Multi-contact keys and all new powerful sound engine, pure classic Hammond organ sound moving in to the future! Jon Hammond & Joe Berger preparing for daily program with the great Chromatic Harmonica master Koei Tanaka! *Full High Definition Movie: #WATCHMOVIE HERE: Japan Music Fair LIVE Get Back In The Groove XK5 Jon's archive Youtube 11月4、5、6日と続いた楽器フェア2016、スズキハーモニカのデモ演奏を連日行いましたが、無事に終了しました!演奏を聴いていただいたみなさま、ありがとうございました。ハモンドオルガンの名手 河合 代介さんとのデュオ(最終日最後のセットにはドラムの大槻カルタさんが乱入してくれて大盛り!)、そしてアメリカから急遽かけつけてくれたハモンドオルガンの Jon Hammondとギターの Joe Bergerのトリオ(スズキハーモニカ開発のIさんに飛び入りしてもらいました!)にて行いました。とても良い内容の3日間だったと思います。関係者のみなさまお疲れ様でした。 河合代介さんとは今週金曜日11日に沼袋 オルガンジャズ倶楽部にてふたたびデュオでライブしますので、そちらも是非よろしくお願いします! God friend Quincey Carr is in the Evening News tonight with Captain Sully Sullenberger and Mayor Libby Schaaf...check it out! - Jon Hammond: Surprise scholarship aids Hayward pilot’s flight instruction dreams Photos by Jon Hammond - Quincey Carr and Steven Turner - Oakland CA "Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger shakes hands with Quincey Carr after presenting him with a certificate with which he may complete his training to become a flight instructor in Oakland, Calif., on Monday, Nov. 7, 2016. Carr, who was shot and paralyzed years ago, told his story to Oakland police Sgt. Clay Burch (standing behind Sullenberger) who arranged for the Oakland Firefighters Random Acts charity to fund Carr’s flight education. (Kristopher Skinner/Bay Area News Group) " By George Kelly | PUBLISHED: November 7, 2016 at 5:13 pm "OAKLAND — “Whoa, whoa, oh my God!” Quincey Carr cried out as he wheeled around full circle in his wheelchair as media and well-wishers quickly surrounded him at the corner of Hegenberger Road and Edgewater Drive near his job. Only minutes before, an Oakland fire engine had pulled up to treat Carr in an attempt to distract him. “They surprised me, they had the fire truck show up here and test my pulse and said ‘Are you OK?'” he said. “Then people just started swarming in, and I was like, ‘What is happening?'” Carr, 32, of Hayward, was immediately surrounded by cameras and city leaders, including Mayor Libby Schaaf, and Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who presented him with a $10,000 scholarship check on behalf of Oakland Firefighters Random Acts to cover the cost of flight instruction classes. “I’m just so happy that I can really devote all of the time in doing what I really want to do,” said Carr, who wields a bullhorn and signs six days a week to promote Ramos Furniture, a family-owned and operated chain of Northern California stores. He came by his love of flight early with visits to his parents’ jobs at the Alameda Naval Air Station leading to model-plane collections, flight lessons and his own private pilot’s license at age 17 in 2002. But tragedy struck on Aug. 11, 2006, when Carr, who learned he had passed his written exam for a commercial license, went out with his girlfriend to begin celebrations with a haircut at his regular barbershop on International Boulevard. When his girlfriend rebuffed a stranger’s flirting, the man left the shop but returned soon after with a gun and shot Carr three times, then fired two more shots into him on the floor. Carr’s dreams were on hold. But he fought back through agonizing rehabilitation to teach ground instruction at a local flight school, take friends on occasional plane rides and play a weekly piano gig at a Union City hotel to make ends meet. Oakland police Sgt. Clay Burch said he met Carr earlier this year while visiting Ramos Furniture during a work break. It was after that chance meeting that Burch started thinking about how he could help Carr. “We’re here to hopefully start him on a path to change his life. His dream has always been to be a flight instructor. Today, we’re here to help him realize his dream,” Burch said. Larry Hendricks, a retired 30-year Oakland firefighter, said the mayor’s office contacted his nonprofit organization, Oakland Firefighters Random Acts, to help with Burch’s plan. “When we heard (Burch) had taken the time to get the backstory of a guy hundreds of people had driven by in his wheelchair, it was a no-brainer for us,” Hendricks said. At fire station No. 27 on Pardee Road, officials started talking about a scholarship that would allow Carr to train at Pacific States Aviation, a flight-based operator in Concord. “I’ve known Quincey for more than 15 years,” Rashid Yahya, Pacific States vice president and chief pilot, said. “He still flies out of our academy using a special apparatus. I’m really glad we can help Quincey with his passion for flying and teaching. Once he gets his certificate, he can teach any student from private to commercial how to fly.” Sullenberger praised Random Acts and all others who helped raise funds for Carr’s equipment and training. “When I became a flight instructor when I was 20 years old, I very quickly realized it’s one thing to be able to accomplish something, to achieve a certain level of performance, but it’s quite another to, in very granular fashion, break that down into component parts and explain it to someone so they can begin to do it,” said Sullenberger, who lavished praise on Carr’s determination and perseverance in pursuing his flight instruction dreams. “I’m going to tell him today that forever after when I see a small plane overhead, I’m going to say ‘I wonder if that’s Quincey?'” Staff writer Angela Hill contributed to this report. Contact George Kelly George Kelly George Kelly is a breaking news reporter for the Bay Area News Group. He has worked as an online coordinator and, before that, a copy editor and page designer for Bay Area-based newspapers and magazines. Off work, he enjoys playing in bands, busking and karaoke. His first newspaper job was as a Washington Post paperboy. Follow George Kelly @allaboutgeorge Jon Hammond Thumbs Up to the amazing Ramos Furniture Store Promo Duo Quincey Carr and Steven Turner on tenor on corner of Edgewater and Hegenberger! - Check 'em out if you are driving by folks - FREE HDTV with a qualifying purchase while supplies last! Up to a 51 inch HDTV FREE! — with Quincey Carr, Steven Turner and Ramos Furniture at Ramos Furniture - Oakland CA Jon's archive Youtube Vimeo Facebook video Japan Music Fair LIVE Get Back in The Groove XK5 featuring Koei Tanaka and Joe Berger plus special guest Tokuichi Inoue chromatic Harmonica Masters from Suzuki Musical Instruments - Jon Hammond is playing the new XK-5 Hammond organ and high power Leslie Speaker, the new standard in Hammond B3 digital organ, best modern Hammond organ in history, enjoy! Jon Hammond photo Steve aka Shunichi Horiuchi! Tokyo Japan -- thanks for photo Steve aka Shunichi Horiuchi! - Tokyo Japan -- I love playing this organ XK-5 aka XK5 Hammond, come join us for Day 2 Japan Musical Instruments Fair in Suzuki Musical Instruments stand folks! - Jon Hammond H.264 download download 1 file MPEG4 download download 1 file OGG VIDEO download download 1 file TORRENT download download 31 Files Producer Jon Hammond Language English Allowed on Timeline Jon Hammond drawing crowds at Suzuki Musical Instruments! — with Jon Hammond - photo credit: Joe Berger With Takano Naoyuki and Jon Hammond - Photo credit Lars Heuseler Tokyo Japan -- I love playing this organ XK-5 aka XK5 Hammond, come join us for Day 2 Japan Musical Instruments Fair in Suzuki stand folks! - Jon Hammond Jon Hammond with Kaori Tai - one of Koei Tanaka's top harmonica students and excellent photographer! Photo credit Kaori Tai あ~~、写真多すぎてUPするので手一杯。 カメラのスペックが低い割りに良い写真が撮れたのでは?とは思うが、やっぱりカメラのスペックは上げたいのが本音。 Tokyo Japan -- Wow it was a great day to see my dear friends again from Suzuki Musical Instruments, reunion at Japan Music Fair 2016! Jon Hammond Photo Credit, Yu Beniya! with Waichiro Tachikawa aka Tachi and Take Photo Credit Yu Beniya Daisuke Kawai XK-5 Organ and Koei Tanaka looking and sounding beautiful beautiful beautiful cats! Music for the people at Japan Music Fair Tokyo Big Sight Suzuki Musical Instruments stage - photo: Jon Hammond Tokyo Japan -- Music Power Shot! L to R Koei Tanaka, Daisuke Kawai, Jon Hammond - playing in Suzuki Musical Instruments stage for the public and trade on the new Hammond XK-5 and the special Suzuki Harmonica chromatic master Koei! Tokyo Japan -- Joe Lamond President CEO of NAMM in the house at Japan Musical Instruments Fair! Just in from Shanghai Music China - Joe Berger was at Music China also - NAMM International Team takin' care o' business folks! - Jon Hammond Japan Music Fair Photos in Suzuki Hammond from Steve aka Shunichi Horiuchi! - Jon Hammond Jon's archive Vimeo Jon Hammond Band at the Hammond Party for the new XK-5 Hammond organ, playing Jon's tune Pocket Funk in Full HighDef on the new prototype organ with Kayleigh Moyer on the Sleishman Drum Co Mothertone drums, Chuggy Carter congas GON BOPS, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond at the XK5 (plays just like a B3 with Multi Contact keys!) first night of Summer NAMM Show Nashville, Tennessee at the famous studios of SoundCheck Nashville- Pocket Funk as seen on Jon's TV show Jon Hammond Show 34 years on Manhattan Neighborhood Network channel 1 - special thanks to Hammond Organ USA Gregory Gronowski & Scott May, Ray Gerlich long-time Hammond Technical Supervisor since 1976! also Mark Prentice M.D. for the evening, known as "Sound Soul Summit V" fine players all night long on the new org - Thanks to my friend Chuck Rainey the great studio bassist for coming and hanging with us all night long! And the Suzuki Musical Instruments Team makers of Hammond Organs and Leslie Speakers *from Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka, Japan ‪#‎XK5‬ ‪#‎NAMMShow‬ ‪#‎Nashville‬ ‪#‎SummerNAMM‬ ‪#‎HammondOrgan‬ Producer Jon Hammond Language English Youtube Facebook video Jon's archive FaceBook Video ‪NAMM Show, Summer NAMM, Hammond Organ, XK-5 Hammond, Funk Band, Kayleigh Moyer, drums, SoundCheck Nashville, Hammond Organ USA #‎SummerNAMM‬ ‪#‎NAMMShow‬ ‪#‎HammondOrgan‬ #XK5 L to R Jon Hammond, Kayleigh Moyer, Frank Alkyer, Joe Berger - Summer NAMM Show Nashville Band Shot! - L to R Koei Tanaka, Jon Hammond, Tokuichi Inoue, Joe Berger - Japan Music Instruments Fair 2016 Musical Instruments Fair, Big Sight Tokyo, Blues Band, Chromatic Harmonica, Tenor Saxophone, #KoeiTanaka #Suzuki #Japan #HammondOrgan #Harmonicas

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