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NAMM Industry Tribute 2017 Memoriam Event (from Jon Hammond's Camera)

NAMM Industry Tribute 2017 Memoriam Event (from Jon Hammond's Camera) #WATCHMOVIE HERE: NAMM Industry Tribute 2017 Memoriam Event (from Jon Hammond's Camera) Jon's archive NAMM Industry Tribute 2017 Memoriam Event (from Jon Hammond's camera) - annual event and archive from NAMM Show​ Historian Dan Del Fiorentino​ - this year many personal friends honored - this clip includes additional music from Jon Hammond​ "Jennifer's Song" for rights reasons, keep the Spirit! R.I.P. Lutz Büchner, Gregg Gregory Gronowski​, Keith Emerson, Dan Hicks, Paul Kantner, Toots Thielemans, Rob Wasserman, Prince​, Maurice White, Buckwheat Zydeco and many more "The NAMM Community will never forget you." *actual clip LINK: *Note: This always happens on the first evening of the Winter NAMM Show - this year it was on Thursday January 19th at 5:30PM - moved inside due to heavy weather! Pictures by Jon Hammond: "The NAMM Community will never forget you.", Dan Del Fiorentino NAMM Historian still with hat on! NAMM Chairman Mark Goff giving benediction, Greg Herreman NAMM Production Manager about to move a microphone, Dick Bridgeman - Hammond Organ Co., Lutz Büchner - ndr big band / Jon Hammond Band, Leonard Cohen, Bob Cranshaw, Keith Emerson - Emerson Lake and Palmer, Glenn Frey - The Eagles, Buddy Greco, 'Gregg' Gregory Gronowski - Hammond Organ USA, Merle Haggard, Hoot Hester, Dan Hicks, Bobby Hutcherson, Wayne Jackson, James Jamerson Jr., Paul Kantner, Greg Lake, Lonnie Mack, Sir George Martin, Scotty Moore, Alphonse Mouzon, Harvey Olsen, Robert Paiste, Prince, Jack Ripperger - Hammond organ co., Leon Russell, LA Scots Pipe Band played, Rose Shure - Shure microphone co., Ralph Stanley, Toots Thielemans, Martin Travis, Bobby Vee, Rob Wasserman, Maurice White - Earth Wind and Fire, Duane "Pudgy" Wong, Bernie Worrell, Buckwheat Zydeco, "The NAMM Community will never forget you.", "In Memoriam A Tribute to our Industry Friends Thursday January 19, 2017 - Winter NAMM Show LIST ACCORDING TO JON HAMMOND: John Bellone, Leo Beranek, Bruce Bergh, Paul Bierley, Bobby Blackford, Dick Bridgeman, Ernie Briefel, Jim Broadus, Don Buchla, Lutz Büchner, Prince Buster, Al Caiola, Toby Capalbo, Nicki Carano, Rob Carey, Phil Chess, Gary Christensen, Buddy Church, Barrett Clark, Guy Clark, Tim Coffman, Leonard Cohen, Rosemarie and Ed Coles, Bob Cranshaw, Johnny Craviotto, William Dettman, Dick DiCenso, John Edmondson, Sam Eisenman, Keith Emerson, Frank Fendorf, Chuck Flores, Orrin Foslien, Peter Fountain, Cassie Frantz, Carla Frederick, Glenn Frey, Bob Furst, Juan Gabriel, Ben Germain, James Glanville, Roberta Gottschalk, Buddy Greco, Christina Grimmie, Gregg Gronowski, Merle Haggard, Joe Halloran, Bill Harris, Nicholas Harris, Yasuji Hayashi, Glenn Hefner, Mary Henkin, Mark Herman, Hoot Hester, Randy Hewiston, Joe Hibbs, Dan Hicks, Charles Hill, Bobby Hutcherson, Bill Irwin, Wayne Jackson, James Jamerson Jr., OJB Jezreel, Steven Johnson, Luke Johnston, Ziggy Kanstul, Paul Kantner, Dick Knaub, Gladys Krenek, Rick Kylan, Greg Lake, Larry Larson, Francois LeDuc, William Locke, John D. Loudermilk, George Lukas, Lonnie Mack, Sir George Martin, Jack Maxson, John McCrea, Henry Cullough, Owen McPeek, Mo Meloy-Pameteer, Nick Menza, Al Moffatt, Chips Woman, Paul Monachino, Scotty Moore, Alphonse Mouzon, Jerry Muenchow, Robert Nagel, Richard Norris, Milt Okun, Pauline Oliveros, Harvey Olsen, George Opperman, John O’Sullivan, John Otte, Robert Paiste, Bob Parker, Sylvia Perry, Csaba Petocz, Richie Pidanick, Bill Price, Prince, Anthony Pulcini, Curtis Purdy, Cora Rather, Al Realo, Jack Ripperger, Vale Robinson, Leon Russell, Helen Saied, Stanley Schireson, Zenon Schoepe, Hugo Schreiber, Dorothy Schwartz, William Scotti, Dan Sheehan, Shinichi Shimada, Rose Shure, Tom Size, Dan Smith, Vern Smith, Sid Smither, Jerry Snyder, Ralph Stanley, Chris Stone, Rod Temperton, Toots Thielemans, Victor Tibaldeo Sr., Isao Tomita, Dana Tracy, Martin Travis, Ed Uribe, Rudy Van Gelder, Vincent van Haaff, Bobby Vee, Maxine Volley, Cathy Wagner, Saul Walker, Nannette Ward, Rob Wasserman, Christopher Waters, Bob Wegher, Bobby Wellins, Maurice White, Monty Lee Wilkes, Tom Wilson, Duane “Pudgy” Wong, James Woolley, Bernie Worrell, Dolores Yaeger, Don Young, Buckwheat Zydeco (156) - according to Jon Hammond Producer Jon Hammond Audio/Visual sound, color Language English **List from Elizabeth Dale and Dan Del Fiorentino - NAMM History Department - Just In: As follows: (Unfortunately / Sadly all are deceased - dates, names 2017 NAMM Industry Tribute - JH: Allison Mose 1927 2016 Baker Dave 1931 2016 Belli Remo 1927 2016 Bellone John 1928 2016 Beranek Leo 1914 2016 Bergh Bruce 1955 2016 Bierley Paul 1926 2016 Blackford Bobby 1950 2016 Bridgeman Dick 1932 2016 Briefel Ernie 1919 2016 Broadus Jim 1939 2016 Buchla Don 1937 2016 Büchner Lutz 1968 2016 Buss Skip 1926 2016 Buster Prince 1938 2016 Caiola Al 1920 2016 Capalbo Toby 1930 2016 Carano Nicki 1967 2016 Carey Rob 1972 2016 Chess Phil 1921 2016 Christensen Gary 1954 2016 Church Buddy 1952 2016 Clark Barrett 1981 2016 Clark Guy 1941 2016 Coffman Tim 1946 2015 Cohen Leonard 1934 2016 Coles Ed & Rosemarie R- 1961 E-1958 2016 Cranshaw Bob 1932 2016 Craviotto Johnny 1946 2016 Dettman William 1950 2016 DiCenso Dick 1941 2016 Edmondson John 1933 2016 Eisenman Sam 1930 2016 Emerson Keith 1944 2016 Fendorf Frank 1925 2016 Flores Chuck 1935 2016 Foslien Orrin 1942 2016 Fountain Pete 1930 2016 Frantz Cassie 1943 2017 Frederick Carla 1950 2016 Frey Glenn 1948 2016 Furst Bob 1933 2016 Gabriel Juan 1950 2016 Germain Ben 1927 2016 1 Glanville James 1925 2016 Gottschalk Roberta 1941 2016 Greco Buddy 1926 2017 Grimmie Christina 1994 2016 Gronowski Gregg 1951 2016 Haggard Merle 1937 2016 Halloran Joe 1967 2016 Harris Bill 1934 2016 Harris Nicholas 1978 2016 Hayashi Yasuji 1923 2016 Heffner Glen 1953 2016 Henkin Mary 1928 2016 Herman Mark 1956 2016 Hester Hoot 1951 2016 Hewitson Randy 1955 2016 Hibbs Joe 1953 2016 Hicks Dan 1941 2016 Hill Charles 1935 2016 Hutcherson Bobby 1941 2016 Irwin Bill 1923 2016 Jackson Wayne 1941 2016 Jamerson Jr James 1958 2016 Jezreel OJB 1966 2016 Johnson Steven 1955 2016 Johnston Luke 1966 2016 Kanstul Ziggy 1929 2016 Kantner Paul 1941 2016 Knaub Dick 1936 2016 Krenek Gladys 1924 2016 Kylan Rick 1946 2016 Lake Greg 1947 2016 Larson Larry 1933 2016 LeDuc Francois 1939 2016 Locke William 1944 2016 Loudermilk John D. 1934 2016 Lukas George 1927 2016 Mack Lonnie 1941 2016 Martin Sir George 1926 2016 Maxson Jack 1940 2016 McCrea John 1927 2016 McCullough Henry 1943 2016 McPeek Owen 1927 2016 Meloy-Palmateer Mo 1943 2016 Menza Nick 1964 2016 Miller Larry 1966 2016 2 Moffatt Al 1947 2016 Moman Chips 1937 2016 Monachino Paul 1924 2016 Moore Scotty 1931 2016 Mouzon Alphonse 1948 2016 Muenchow Jerry 1943 2016 Nagel Robert 1924 2016 Norris Richard 1936 2016 Okun Milt 1923 2016 Oliveros Pauline 1932 2016 Olsen Harvey 1937 2016 Opperman George 1918 2016 O'Sullivan John 1936 2016 Otte John 1926 2016 Paiste Robert 1932 2016 Parker Bob 1944 2015 Perry Sylvia 1919 2016 Petocz Csaba 1960 2015 Pidanick Richie 1952 2016 Price Bill 1944 2016 Prince 1958 2016 Pulcini Anthony 1993 2016 Purdy Curtis 1947 2016 Racher Cora 1948 2016 Realo Al 1943 2016 Ripperger Jack 1929 2016 Robinson Vale 1935 2016 Russell Leon 1946 2016 Saied Helen 1924 2016 Schireson Stanley 1917 2016 Schoepe Zenon 1960 2016 Schreiber Hugo 1927 2016 Schwartz Dorothy 1927 2016 Scotti William 1924 2016 Seaver Larry 1943 2016 Sheeran Dan 1925 2016 Shimada Shinichi 1932 2016 Shure Rose 1921 2016 Size Tom 1959 2016 Smith Dan 1946 2016 Smith Vern 1961 2016 Smither Sid Snyder Jerry 1925 2016 Stanley Ralph 1927 2016 Stone Chris 1935 2016 3 Temperton Rob 1924 2016 Thielemans Toots 1922 2016 Tibaldeo Sr. Victor 1923 2016 Tomita Isao 1932 2016 Tracy Dana 1952 2016 Travis Martin 1916 2016 Uribe Ed 1957 2015 Van Gelder Rudy 1924 2016 van Haaff Vincent 1952 2016 Vee Bobby 1943 2016 Volley Maxine 1959 2017 Wagner Cathy 1954 2016 Walker Saul 1927 2016 Ward Nannette 1953 2016 Wasserman Rob 1952 2016 Waters Christopher 1986 2016 Wegher Bob 1927 2016 Wellins Bobby 1936 2016 White Maurice 1941 2016 Wilkes Monty Lee 1962 2016 Wilson Tom 1933 2016 Wong Duane "Pudgy" 1953 2016 Woolley James 1966 2016 Worrell Bernie 1944 2016 Yeager Dolores 1928 2016 Young Don 1953 2016 Zydeco Buckwheat 1947 2016 Remembering the great Joe Sample in absentia on his Birthday February 1 - born 1939, passed at the age of 75 on September 12, 2014. Joe's manager for many years was the legendary manager/impresario George Greif, Diane Greif-Sheppard's Dad - I knew George, I can't think of Joe Sample without remembering George Greif...also that's James Jamerson Jr. playing bass in back of Joe, very sadly James (son of James Jamerson of Motown Records) has passed as well - I shot this photo back in the year 1981 on my first trip to Europe - R.I.P. Joe, George, James - sincerely, Jon Hammond Joe's wiki Joseph Leslie "Joe" Sample (February 1, 1939 – September 12, 2014) was an American pianist, keyboard player, and composer. He was one of the founding members of the Jazz Crusaders, the band which became simply the Crusaders in 1971, and remained a part of the group until its final album in 1991 (not including the 2003 reunion album Rural Renewal). Beginning in the 1970s, he enjoyed a successful solo career and guested on many recordings by other performers and groups, including Miles Davis, George Benson, Jimmy Witherspoon, B. B. King, Eric Clapton, Steely Dan, and the Supremes. Sample incorporated jazz, gospel, blues, Latin, and classical forms into his music. On September 12, 2014, Sample died in Houston, Texas, of mesothelioma at age 75. Birth name Joseph Leslie Sample Born February 1, 1939 Houston, Texas, U.S. Died September 12, 2014 (aged 75) Houston Genres Jazz Occupation(s) Musician, composer Instruments Piano, keyboards Years active 1950s–2014 Labels Blue Thumb, MCA, GRP, Warner Bros., Verve, ABC Associated acts Jazz Crusaders Joe Sample's Bio: "Sample was born in Houston, Texas on February 1, 1939. Sample began to play the piano at age 5. He was a student of the organist and pianist Curtis Mayo. In high school in the 1950s, Sample teamed up with friends saxophonist Wilton Felder and drummer "Stix" Hooper to form a group called the Swingsters. While studying piano at Texas Southern University, Sample met and added trombonist Wayne Henderson and several other players to the Swingsters, which became the Modern Jazz Sextet and then the Jazz Crusaders,[1] in emulation of one of the leading progressive jazz bands of the day, Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers. Sample never took a degree from the university; instead, in 1960, he and the Jazz Crusaders made the move from Houston to Los Angeles. The group quickly found opportunities on the West Coast, making its first recording, Freedom Sounds in 1961 and releasing up to four albums a year over much of the 1960s. The Jazz Crusaders played at first in the dominant hard bop style of the day, standing out by virtue of their unusual front-line combination of saxophone (played by Wilton Felder) and Henderson's trombone. Another distinctive quality was the funky, rhythmically appealing acoustic piano playing of Sample, who helped steer the group's sound into a fusion between jazz and soul[2] in the late 1960s. The Jazz Crusaders became a strong concert draw during those years. While Sample and his band mates continued to work together, he and the other band members pursued individual work as well. In 1969 Sample made his first recording under his own name; Fancy Dance featured the pianist as part of a jazz trio.[1] In the 1970s, as the Jazz Crusaders became simply the Crusaders and branched out into popular sounds, Sample became known as a Los Angeles studio musician, appearing on recordings by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Marvin Gaye, Tina Turner, B. B. King, Joe Cocker, Minnie Riperton and Anita Baker. In 1975 he went into the studios with jazz legends Ray Brown on bass, and drummer Shelly Manne to produce a then state-of-the-art recording direct to disc entitled The Three. About this time Blue Note Records reissued some of the early work by the Jazz Crusaders as "The Young Rabbits". This was a compilation of their recordings done between 1962 and 1968. The electric keyboard was fairly new in the sixties, and Sample became one of the instrument's pioneers. He began to use the electric piano while the group retained their original name, and the group hit a commercial high-water mark with the hit single "Street Life" and the album of the same name in 1979. In 1978 he recorded Swing Street Café with guitarist David T. Walker. The Crusaders, after losing several key members, broke up after recording Life in the Modern World for the GRP label in 1987. Despite the disbanding of the Crusaders, the members would join each other to record periodically over the years, releasing Healing the Wounds in the early 1990s. Felder, Hooper, and Sample recorded their first album, called Rural Renewal, as the reunited Crusaders group in 2003 and played a concert in Japan in 2004. Since Sample's Fancy Dance (1969), he has recorded several solo albums, including the George Duke produced Sample This. GRP also released Joe Sample Collection, and a three-disc Crusaders Collection, as testament to Sample's enduring legacy. Some of the pianist's recent recordings are The Song Lives On (1999), featuring duets with singer Lalah Hathaway, and The Pecan Tree (2002), a tribute to his hometown of Houston, where he relocated in 1994. His 2004 album on Verve, Soul Shadows, paid tribute to Duke Ellington and Jelly Roll Morton, and pre-jazz bandleader James Reese Europe. In 2007 he recorded Feeling Good with vocalist Randy Crawford. In 1983, MCA released Joe Sample's The Hunter LP. The Hunter sessions had taken place during the previous year at Hollywood Sound Recorders and Salty Dog Studios in Los Angeles, producing a fine body of recordings of which six were brought forward. Fans believe there maybe other recordings from the sessions yet to be released. Amongst the six tracks was the nine-minute Night Flight. UK Jazz Funk and Soul DJ Robbie Vincent premiered Night Flight in its entirety in the spring of 1983 on his Radio London "Saturday Show" prompting a surge of jazz fusion enthusiasts and Sample fans to buy up all the import copies from London stores. For Sample, The Hunter album featured a number of leading musicians of the day including Marcus Miller on bass and Paulinho Da Costa on percussion. Sample was also joined on the album by Phil Upchurch on lead guitar, Dean Parks (also on guitar), Steve Gadd and Bob Wilson on drums, John Phillips on bass clarinet, and Abraham Laboriel on bass. For production, Joe Sample called on his Crusaders' stable mate Wilton Felder. The Hunter album came at a very important juncture in Sample's solo push. Night Flight remains the great achievement from these sessions, although fans were extremely disappointed when an edited version appeared on the compilation Joe Sample Collection.[citation needed] The Hunter album has been transferred to CD from the original tapes but fans are still awaiting a remastered expanded edition with previously unreleased material and demos. Sample appeared on stage at The Waterfront Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, on 28 May 2000, playing keyboard solo on George Benson's Deeper Than You Think. This concert was recorded and a DVD entitled George Benson: Absolutely Live was subsequently released. A studio version of Deeper Than You Think was recorded featuring Joe Sample in New York in May 1999 during sessions for a Benson collection which took the title Absolutely Benson. Fans again believe there may have been other collaborations of Sample - Benson which remain in the vaults unreleased. Some of his works were featured on The Weather Channel's "Local on the 8s" segments and his song "Rainbow Seeker" is included in their 2008 compilation release, The Weather Channel Presents: Smooth Jazz II. Nicole Kidman sang his song "One Day I'll Fly Away" in the Baz Luhrmann film Moulin Rouge! The very popular "In All My Wildest Dreams", also from the 1978 album Rainbow Seeker, was sampled on Tupac's "Dear Mama", De la Soul's "WRMS's Dedication to the Bitty", Toni Braxton's "What's Good" and Arrested Development's "Africa's Inside Me". Sample had a bassist son named Nicklas Sample (with ex-wife Marianne), who is a member of the Coryell Auger Sample Trio featuring Julian Coryell and Karma Auger. On September 12, 2014, Sample died in Houston, Texas from complications from mesothelioma lung disease.[3] He was 75 years old.[4] Sample had also suffered two heart attacks — the most recent in 2009. According to the Los Angeles Times he had also suffered illness caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, which produces chronic fatigue.[5] In 2013, Sample was hospitalized with pneumonia, according to Variety, the Hollywood and music industry trade paper." Sending up prayers for my good friend Rudy Sheriff Lawless aka The Sheriff - jazz drummer extraordinaire!! Honored by Jazz Foundation of America - special thanks Gina Reder - Rudy photos from Jon Hammond: Oh wow...there goes the Apple Maps Van! - Jon Hammond Frankfurt, Germany -- Power Shot! My good friend Yu Beniya on another very important international mission for Suzuki Musical Instruments! Congress Frankfurt, Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH - "Suzuki was founded in 1953, as a harmonica manufacturer.[1] Suzuki's western U.S. distribution center located in San Diego, California. It has expanded to include a variety of instruments including pianos and band instruments,[2] and purely electronic instruments such as the Tronichord, Omnichord, and QChord Digital Soundcard Guitar." In 1991 Suzuki bought the Hammond Organ Co., which is now known as Hammond Suzuki USA — with Yu Beniya, Suzuki Musical Instruments and Congress Center Messe Frankfurt Most Famous Concert We Never Played, NAMM Show Center Stage Presented by Pioneer DJ Rained Out! IMMEDIATE RELEASE Scheduled Appearance Jon Hammond Funk Unit - Rained Out in Anaheim CA! Musical Instrument Trade Show, International Artists Koei Tanaka from Tokyo Japan representing Suzuki Musical Instruments, chromatic harmonica virtuoso Heinz Lichius from Hamburg Germany drums endorsed by Zildjian Cymbals Alex Budman tenor saxophonist from Los Angeles CA Joe Berger from New York City playing for JJ Guitars UK Chuggy Carter from New Jersey endorsed by GON BOPS Jon Hammond the leader playing Hammond organ + bass just back from Tokyo Japan where he played for Suzuki Musical Instruments Torrential Rains forced cancelation - Rain Date will be made up in January 2018 folks! NAMM Believe in Music Photos Credit Lawrence Gay Heinz Lichius at Canopus Drums Stand Chuggy Carter was on Jon Hammond's original band with Bernard Purdie back in 1989 Koei Tanaka the great chromatic harmonica phenom Joe Berger aka Berger-Meister - here with Jon Hammond and Lee Oskar Alex Budman tenor saxophonist on Jon Hammond's Band at a NAMM Showcase Jon Hammond getting the bad news from Greg Herreman NAMM Production Manager on his trusty Blackberry monitoring the situation on well traveled MacBook Pro Rain! Heinz Lichius and Jon Hammond sitting up on the rained out plastic wrapped Pioneer DJ Stage, as scheduled! Friday, January 20, 2017 - 4:00pm to 4:40pm NAMM CenterStage Presented by Pioneer DJ (BC Patio) Jon Hammond Show 01 28 Broadcast MNN TV Jazz Blues and Soft News Winter NAMM Episode Jon's archive Youtube Vimeo Facebook video Jon Hammond Show 01 28 Broadcast MNN TV Jazz Blues and Soft News Winter NAMM Episode First segment: Anaheim CA -- 2017 NAMM Show Sunday Blues and Jazz Session with Jon Hammond and Friends "White Onions" - Koei Tanaka on Suzuki Harmonica - Official Facebook Page chromatic harmonica, Chuggy Carter (GON BOPS) percussion, Joe Berger guitar (TV Jones), Jon Hammond at the Sk1 Hammond organ - camera: Jesse Gay, Special thanks Steve Simmons, Ray Gerlich, Scott May, Suzuki Musical Instruments Team - in memory of Gregg Gregory Gronowski Second segment: NAMM Show 2017, Camera Credit: Jesse Gay, thanks Jesse! -- Thanks to our good friends at Canopus Drums for the Organ Trio Session today with Heinz Lichius drums, Arno Haas tenor saxophone, Jon Hammond Sk1 organ - powered by TecAmp USA neo bass cabinet - and beautiful Italian designer Keyboard Stand by Bespeco Professional, Alex Mingmann Hsieh / P. Mauriat 保爾‧莫莉亞 Taiwan #NAMMShow #CanopusDrums #Bespeco #TecAmpUSA #HammondOrgan #Pmauriat 3rd segment: NAMM Show Sunday Blues and Jazz Session with Jon Hammond and Friends in Hammond Organs stand 5104 and Suzuki Musical Instruments 5100 "Lydia's Tune" and Jon's Theme Song: "Late Rent" Musicians: Koei Tanaka chromatic harmonica, Joe Berger guitar, Chuggy Carter percussion, Jon Hammond at the Sk1 Hammond organ + bass #NAMMShow #PioneerDJ #HammondOrgan #CenterStage #Blackberry #Funk #Jazz #CableAccessTV #MNNTV #ManhattanNeighborhoodNetwork NAMM LINK for Jon Hammond Funk Unit Producer Jon Hammond Language English NAMM Show Canopus Drums Session by Jon Hammond Jon's archive Youtube Vimeo NAMM Show 2017, Camera Credit: Jesse Gay, thanks Jesse! -- Thanks to our good friends at Canopus Drums for the Organ Trio Session today with Heinz Lichius drums, Arno Haas tenor saxophone, Jon Hammond organ - powered by TecAmp USA neo bass cabinet - and beautiful Italian designer Keyboard Stand by Bespeco Professional, Alex Mingmann Hsieh / P. Mauriat 保爾‧莫莉亞 Taiwan Thanks to Shinichi Usuda President Canopus Co., Ltd. and Canopus Team: Taxi Okuyama, Joey Klaparda, Taka Matsumoto TecAmp USA Glenn Kawamoto, Bespeco Professional S.r.l. Team, Silvia, Ettore, Francesco, Alessandro, Corrado - P.Mauriat Saxophones Alex Hsieh "Go For The Sound", Thomas Pistone NAMM Security, Joe Lamond NAMM President CEO Feel The Weight - Jon Hammond NAMM Show, Musicians, Retailers, Luthiers, Musical Instruments, Memoriam, Documentary, Historian, #NAMMShow #HammondOrgan #Memorial

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